Cincinnati Savagely Hands Purdue Its First of Many Losses

By Michael Guzman
David Kohl-USA Today Sports

Purdue University has often had an adequate football program, muddled in the middle of an improving Big 10 conference and losing recruits to improving programs. While rivals Indiana University is grooming itself to possibly begin playing in bowls, it appears Purdue has regressed once again, as all the reasons for optimism were swiftly crushed by Cincinnati today, the final score being 42-7.

For Purdue, new coach Darrell Hazell was looking to groom a new offense around fifth-year senior Rob Henry. Although Cincinnati is a good team with plenty of potential, Purdue and Rob Henry especially, were embarrassed.

13 starters returned from last year, but it looked like a completely lost and distressed version of last year’s mediocre program, a damning sign for fans of the program.

Many fans of Purdue will remember Rob Henry from 2010, the last time he saw starting action. This iteration of Henry looked absolutely lost and even worse, incompetent. Backpedaling when pressured was a common theme as any additional pressure Cincy brought reached Henry with ease.

Henry’s decision making was also abysmal as he often found himself telegraphing throws and overthrowing Purdue’s receivers. Despite dropping back 35 times, Henry’s completion percentage was barely above 50%.

When they did actually have the ball, Purdue was seemingly adamant to give it right back. Four turnovers plagued Purdue, and made this a complete rout.

Going forward, the baptism by fire as it has been called for Purdue’s new coach will continue. Next week Purdue will host lowly Indiana State and likely gain its first victory of the year. From there, the Big Ten’s relentless schedule will have its way with Purdue, unless things change.

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