Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel Reaffirms Everything We Knew About Him

By Jonathan Comeaux
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

If the college football offseason told us anything about 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, it is that he truly has no regard for his actions.

So what does Manziel, aka “Johnny Football”, do on the first game of the 2013 season? Nothing but thoroughly reaffirm his selfish mentality that we have come to know. In fact, he couldn’t have done it better.

In his one half of play, Manziel continued his childish antics: taking every opportunity to taunt his opponents of Rice University … Really … Rice? He also took no time to flash his new finger-rubbing, money-handling cheer.

When I think of the reason Manziel was suspended and witness his new-found taunt, I can’t help but think of Gilbert Arenas gun-slinging incident. Arenas got suspended for his actions.

I understand trash talking is a big part of sports. It happens all the time in all levels of sports. But after receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his taunting, Manziel completely blew off his head coach Kevin Sumlin, and that’s totally unacceptable.

After being popped by a Rice linebacker, Manziel jumped back up and appeared to refuse a player his autograph; apparently, he didn’t like how he was hit or something … but what happens when an Alabama player comes in trying to take his head off? Manziel just made the target on himself even bigger.

I would like to ask all the Manziel supporters in the offseason, who proclaimed that fans should “let him be a 20-year old”, how they now feel about Johnny Football?

That disrespect is no way to act on a football field for a college athlete. During your college tenure, you respect your coach, no ifs, ands or buts. How about Manziel changes his nickname from “Johnny Football” to “The Situation”?

In my opinion, it fits him phenomenally better.

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