Johnny Manziel Continues To Embarrass Texas A&M

By Randy Drautz
Johnny Manziel
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After having to sit the first half due to suspension, Johnny Manziel stepped back into the spotlight for Texas A&M in the second half against Rice. In the half, Manziel threw for 94 yards and three touchdowns. However, let’s focus on the embarrassment that was Johnny Football in a matchup against an old Southwest Conference foe in Rice, a university located in Houston just a mere 90 miles from College Station.

The Aggies defeated the Owls 52-31, and once again Johnny stole the show. However, he sure didn’t steal the show in a good way. Once again, Manziel decided to grace us with his arrogant selfishness and stupidity. I have to admit that I’m a Manziel fan who purchased his jersey last season. In addition, I’ve been a huge A&M football fan since I was eight years old. Both of my parents are graduates of the fine institution, and I’ve bleed maroon dating back to my years in second grade. So, admitting my embarrassment for the school and Aggies’ fans alike is difficult, yet it must be done.

Of course, Johnny looked electrifying as always on a Saturday afternoon in central Texas. The problem, however, is that Manziel decided to make a fool out of himself, with antics that are becoming harmful to the program. A celebration of his going back to last season, Johnny continues to provide us with his, “show me the money” hand gesture after every A&M touchdown. Then, on two separate occasions, he decided to taunt Rice defenders by making an unconscionably dumb autograph signing gesture.

The first time, he scrambled for a nice gain, only to stand up after being tackled and give the Owl defender a, “here’s my autograph” taunt. The second time, Johnny did the same exact thing after connecting with Mike Evans on a touchdown pass. This time, however, the referees threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. As Manziel headed towards the sidelines after the flag, head coach Kevin Sumlin got right into his face, showing his disgust with his starting quarterbacks’ ridiculous antics. Meanwhile, Johnny bumped coach Sumlin on his way to the sidelines, seemingly ignoring the lashing. Please Johnny Football, show some respect to your coach, teammates and Aggie fans such as myself. After this arrogant and selfish act, coach Sumlin was right to bench Johnny for the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

The Aggies were just fine on offense in the first half, being lead by backup quarterback Matt Joeckel. Mr. Joeckel, brother of the second overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft in OT Luke Joeckel, lead A&M on four first half touchdown drives. Not bad at all Matt, not bad at all.

Well, if Manziel continues to embarrass Aggie faithful throughout the country, coach Sumlin should consider benching him more often, as he is becoming a detriment to the program.

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