Texas A&M: Kevin Sumlin Should Have Benched Johnny Manziel For Entire Season Opener

By Bryan Zarpentine
Kevin Sumlin talks to Johnny Manziel
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

After the pitiful half game suspension the NCAA gave Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel, A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin should have taken matters into his own hands and suspended his quarterback for the entire season opener against the Rice Owls.

The entire ordeal was worked out among Manziel, the university and the NCAA. There’s nothing to suggest that Sumlin had a major hand, or even any say, in the 30-minute suspension of Manziel.

It would have been the perfect opportunity for Sumlin to send the message that it’s still his team and that he still calls the shots. Most will agree that Manziel got off easy with missing just the first half of the game against Rice, and Sumlin could have made the punishment seem not so meaningless.

Judging by Manziel’s actions on the field on Saturday, most notably his taunting penalty and his antics while celebrating touchdowns, he could use a little humility. He may have gotten just a little bit of humility if he was forced to stay on the sidelines for the entire season opener.

If nothing else, it would have prevented Sumlin from having to bench him later in the game for his continued immaturity on the field.

It’s not as if the Aggies needed Manziel to win the game. For a team with hopes of winning the SEC and competing for a national championship, if Texas A&M couldn’t beat a team like Rice while using a talented backup at quarterback, they have no business having such high aspirations.

Sumlin blew an opportunity to gain some control over his quarterback, and now Manziel is as immature and unpredictable as ever. It could be just a matter of time until Manziel’s antics come back to hurt the Aggies and derail their season, as Sumlin hasn’t done enough to keep his quarterback in line and focused on football.

There’s a bigger target on his back than ever, and a lack of humility and focus could ultimately crush Manziel.

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