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The Good, Bad, Ugly and Insane From Week One of College Football

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The Good, Bad, Ugly and Insane from Week One of College Football

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It’s just awesome to have College Football back! All just seems to be right with the world once again as the marching bands filled our ears with the glorious tunes and our noses took in the aroma of bourbon, Channel No. 5 and hot dogs.

But the biggest reason this guy is happy football is back is because if we would have gone one more week without the collegiate pigskin flying around there would have been a major crisis on our hands here in the United States. Fans are great, but based on the comments this sports writer has had since kickoff last Thursday, some of these fanatics have reached a level of delusion to the point of spontaneous combustion.

For example…

There was the attack of a female freshman who loves her South Carolina Gamecocks. In so many words, she basically called this guy an idiot who didn’t deserve to breath air because he was not 1000000% impressed with the play of the Gamecocks on Thursday.

Then there was the person who had a Lil’ John song lyric and a picture of an obese shirtless clown (yes, obese shirtless clown) on their Facebook page call out the fact both the Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers were pathetic teams who will lose every game they play the rest of the season.

And then there was this guy who got very upset with the fact this pigskin reporter would not justify the fact he believes his Texas A&M Aggies have the best defense in the nation. He mocked both Georgia and Clemson for being terrible and refused to give any love to the Gamecocks or Alabama Crimson Tide and would not stop. For those of you who didn’t watch, the Aggies (who did have five players on defense suspended for the game) gave up 31 points to the Rice Owls.

And then you have this fan base who is ready to end it all. Their quarterback put up the following stats on Saturday; 20-of-29, 323 yards, a touchdown, a fumble, an interception and a QB ranking of 155.6. Seriously, those are great numbers and it was not his fault his team lost, but if you followed Twitter or Facebook, Georgia fans actually wanted to BENCH Aaron Murray because he is simply not good enough.

Add to this list countless other fanatics screaming their team is the best after they just destroyed the Midville School for the Gifted and it is clear that we can all thank and praise God football has returned. Seriously, one more week of evaluation without actual games and we would have had some serious issues on our hands.

The only school that seemed to stay grounded was the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets who understand the 70-0 beat down of the Elon Pheonix was exactly that - a victory over a high school team.

So with 99.9 percent of Week 1 behind us all, what were the highlights and the lowlights? Feel free to click away as Ole WoodySmalls gives you The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Insane from the opening weekend of college football.

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The Good

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The Mercer Bears returned to football action this weekend for the first time in 72 years and remained unbeaten over that stretch with a last second field goal to lift them past the Reinhardt University Eagles, 40-37. It was also the first ever game for Reinhardt as well. Football on all levels is alive and well in the state of Georgia.

Whether your team won or not in this game, the Clemson Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs gave us everything we all wanted from a National Championship type game to open the season. Yes it is sad one team had to lose, but kudos to both programs for having the stones to want to play this game in the opener and for having their teams ready to deliver on what was simply a perfect College Football game.

It’s pretty amazing what the Maryland Terrapins can accomplish when they have a quarterback playing quarterback instead of a linebacker. The Terps were very impressive behind the arm of C.J. Brown who went 20-of-23 for 283 yards and three scores in a 43-10 victory over the Florida International Golden Panthers.

There is a clear leader in the Heisman Trophy clubhouse and that man is Tahj Boyd. Anyone who starts the season against one of the best teams in the SEC and can go 18-of-30 for 270 yards in the air, rush for 42 yards on 13 carries and add three touchdowns gets this guy’s vote every time.

Kudos also the the Oregon Ducks, Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers, Washington Huskies, UCLA Bruins and the Oklahoma State Cowboys who looked solid and took care of business in their opening games.

The final award of excellence this week goes to Texas A&M Aggies Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. If any team in the nation needed a come to Jesus meeting is was the Aggies, and Sumlin quickly took control and once again made it his team by suspending five defensive players and then benching Johnny Manziel for running his mouth and taunting in the second half. Great job Sumlin. It might just get you and your Aggies back on track for a National Championship.

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The Bad

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Probably the worst thing from the weekend was the loss of Malcolm Mitchell for the Georgia Bulldogs after he tore his ACL following Todd Gurley’s 75-yard touchdown run. The Bulldogs have tremendous depth so Mitchell’s loss will not be as devastating as it would have been in years past, but this is a player that we all deserved to watch become special on a great team. The injury probably means Mitchell has played his last game for Georgia who will shoot to rehab for the NFL.

The SEC went 9-3 to open up week one. This is obviously not good enough, and the conference should disband at this very moment. The same holds true for ACC Football who went 9-3 as there must be something wrong with the world because the ACC is terrible in football.

The Big 12 and the Big 10 had their moments of greatness by a few teams, but overall it was filled with very lackluster performances from a pair of conferences that claim their own superiority in College Football.

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The Ugly

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Maybe College Football has reached the point where some conferences can operate like the Premier League in soccer. Case in point, the Iowa Hawkeyes, Purdue Boilermakers, Kansas State Wildcats, Oregon State Beavers, Iowa State Cyclones, South Florida Bulls and the Southern Miss Eagles were outplayed in every element of the game on Saturday. Just terrible and ugly football by programs that should understand who they are in the scheme of college football.

The Mark Stoops era did not get off to a grand start as the Kentucky Wildcats got manhandled by the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and their new Head Coach Bobby Petrino. There is no way an SEC team should lose this game and it signals a win-less season on tap for the fans in Kentucky.

Isn’t it about time Johnny Manziel starts to act like a leader and not a 20-year-old college student? The taunting in the second-half of the Texas A&M Aggies win over the Rice Owls was just silly on every level. Manziel’s inability to grow up is becoming comical at this point.

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The Insane

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How awesome was it that the Michigan Wolverines band called out and mocked its rival Ohio State Buckeyes by spelling out “OH NO” on the field Saturday? Well played Michigan band nerds, well played indeed!

How in the heck can teams like the North Dakota State Bison and the Eastern Washington Eagles not only hang but beat better teams and competition? Just a testimony to what believing in yourself in the moment can do.

Has the Boise State Broncos' run finally ended? The Washington Huskies made them look like a chump Saturday, and it is hard to say at this point. But weeks two and three will tell us all a lot about the future of Bronco football.

Duke Johnson wants to make you very aware that he and his Miami Hurricanes are back. Johnson rushed for a College Football best 186 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown in The U’s 34-6 victory over the Florida Atlantic Owls on Friday. All that gears Johnson and the Hurricanes up as they host the Florida Gators in week two to officially arrive back to the game or be put back down in their place.

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What's Next?

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The much anticipated Jameis Winston era begins tonight as the Florida State Seminoles travel to open up ACC Football play for the first time against the Pittsburgh Panthers. It is a game definitely worth tuning in for tonight and is one of the biggest games to arrive in Pittsburgh in years.

If Winston is all he is hyped to be, the ACC should provide a lot of exciting moments in College Football as they make a claim to have some of the best skill position athletes next to the SEC and Pac 12.

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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