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SEC Football: Post Week 1 Power Rankings

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SEC Football Power Rankings: Woody's High Five Following Week 1

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Sit down and get ready ladies and gentlemen because the next five minutes or so of your life is either going to enrage you or make you question everything you know about life when it comes to College Football and the SEC.

We all know that numbers and stats do not lie. That is not debatable. Last time this guy checked. 2+2 still equalled four. But numbers and data can be spun to make them say what a particular person wants it to say. If you don't believe this then pick up a pharmaceutical study or attempt to listen to a politician without ripping your ears off.

This is the foundation of something this sports writer started last year when it comes to true statistical power within a particular conference. Take the data and where a team ranks within the conference compared to its fellow members, add in where those teams rank nationally and come up with an average score. It takes away emotion. It takes away the blinders that too many fans and media personalities have on most occasions. It takes away the spoon fed bowl of garbage everyone is fed constantly and gives you a ranking based solely on what a team has done on the field.

This power ranking takes into account the teams rank within its conference in Total Scoring Offense, Total Scoring Defense, Total Offense, Total Defense, Rushing, Rushing Defense, Passing, Passing Defense as well as includes where the team ranks nationally in Rushing, Passing, Points For, Points Against, Total Losses and Official Ranking. These numbers are then added and averaged to come up with a raw score.

So now that the method has been explained, it is now time for all fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide and the South Carolina Gamecocks to sit down and take a deep breath. Are you situated yet? Good, because neither the Tide nor the Gamecocks are in this week's SEC Power Rankings.

South Carolina just missed out on the top five with a raw average score of 19.40 due in large part to its lack of offense. The Gamecocks were ranked 10th or lower in Scoring Offense, Passing Offense and Total Offense as compared to its fellow members of the SEC after Week 1.

Alabama may have won and holds on to the top spot in the national rankings, but it simply could not overcome being ranked dead last in the SEC in Total Offense and Rushing and next to last in Passing. Add a 111th ranking in Rushing and a 92nd rank in passing nationally and the best the Tide could do after Week 1 is a raw score of 23.20 which was good for a 10th-place finish.

So who are the surprise teams that had everything go right for them to open up the season? Click away to check out Week One of Woody's High Five.

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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No. 5 Tennessee Volunteers (18.27)

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Yes folks! The Tennessee Volunteers slip into Woody's High Five at No. 5 in Week 1's SEC Power Rankings thanks to a 45-0 beat down of the Austin Peay Governors.

Statically, the Vols finished first in the SEC in Scoring Defense and second in Total Defense, Rushing Gained and Rushing Defense. Overall, Tennessee is currently 11th in the nation in rushing after Week 1.

Don't get us to this Rocky Top fans. The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers will put up a lot of points this week that will bring you back down to earth.

But one trend to watch as the season goes on since this will be the only time we get a chances to discuss the Volunteers is their rushing. The passing game looks way out of sync right now, but if Tennessee can continue to run block successfully, this could help the cause big time in 2013.

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No. 4 Georgia Bulldogs (17.80)

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone in Athens can now step off the ledge because the Georgia Bulldogs come in at No. 4 in Woody's High Five. Yes, Georgia may have lost, but statistically speaking they were one of the best teams in all of College Football and the SEC following Week 1.

The Bulldogs were second in the SEC in Total Offense and Passing and were 25th nationally in Passing and 33nd Rushing. Everything else they were around middle of the pack in conference and that is the main reason why they made the top five despite a loss.

But the biggest reason Georgia is at No. 4 this week is thanks in large part to the Clemson Tigers as the Bulldogs come in at No. 2 in Strength of Schedule nationally which was tops in the SEC.

Georgia is expected to be a mainstay in these SEC Power Rankings in 2013, but their ultimate fate will be decided this coming Saturday as they host the South Carolina Gamecocks. It's hard to believe, but the loser of this game will have a long uphill battle for significance for the rest of the season.

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No. 3 Texas A&M Aggies (17.60)

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Back in the day, there use to be an old school of thought that the more points you could score against a team you were suppose to beat somehow made you look better to those who were voting for you.

Well, the Texas A&M Aggies used this philosophy this week to its advantage to begin the 2013 campaign at No. 3 in Woody's High Five. Despite half of the defense sitting out along with Johnny Manziel for a half or longer, the Aggies found away to put up a 52-31 win against the Rice Owls. The 52 points put Texas A&M at No. 2 in the conference in Scoring, No. 5 in Total Offense and No. 4 in Passing. Nationally, the Aggies were 11th Scoring helping push them to the third position in the SEC Power Rankings.

The Aggies still have a lot of work to be done but this guy is expecting more vanilla sets on offense and defense in order to give the Alabama Crimson Tide zilch to look at to prepare for the huge game in College Station on September 14.

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No. 2 LSU Tigers (17.46)

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more impressive games from Week 1 is the driving force that helped the LSU Tigers come in at No. 2 in Woody's High Five as they handled the TCU Horned Frogs, 37-27.

First of all, this sports writer had a lot of questions about how explosive the LSU offense was going to be in 2013. There was no doubt the defense was not going to be capable of holding opponents to 10 or less points especially to start the season and if the Tigers were going to throw the same offense out there from years past, things could have gotten ugly quick in this opener. But Zach Mettenberger looked solid helping lead the Tigers to victory.

Overall, LSU came in at No. 6 or better in every offensive category in the SEC while still managing to post a No. 4 ranking in Total Defense.

There is a lot of tough games to go for the Tigers, but this start looks like they will be a mainstay in the SEC Power Rankings.

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No. 1 Missouri Tigers (11.60)

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

(And here is where the bluebloods of the SEC begin their campaign to tar, feather and quarter this sports writer)

Look folks, this guy is just as floored by this as you are. Just chalk it up as what can happen to a SEC team that finds away to put together a great half of football in their opener as the Missouri Tigers come in at No. 1 in Woody's High Five following Week 1.

This is all about Missouri's offense as the Tigers at No. 1 in Scoring Offense, Total Offense, Rushing and Passing. Overall, there was not an in-conference category Missouri finished any lower than seventh. You put up those types of consistent numbers and that is why you will find yourself at No. 1. Add to the fact the Tigers are currently No. 9 in the nation in Rushing, No. 22 in Passing and No. 8 in Points Scored and it is pretty easy to see why they are where they are after week one.

But unfortunately for Missouri, there is nowhere to go but down. It may take a week or so, but don't look for the Tigers to be a mainstay in SEC Power Five. If they do, then the conference is 1000 times better than any other or there will be a lot of coaches losing their jobs come December.

Week 1 SEC Power Rankings 6-14

14 — Kentucky Wildcats (36.53); 13 — Mississippi State Bulldogs (30.67); 12 — Auburn Tigers (29.80); 11 — Vanderbilt Commodores (26.33); 10 — Alabama Crimson Tide (23.20); 9 — Arkansas Razorbacks (22.00); 8 — Ole Miss Rebels (20.40); 7 — Florida Gators (19.87); 6 — South Carolina Gamecocks (19.4).

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