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Alabama Crimson Tide Have 5 Reasons To Worry in 2013

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Do Not Crown Alabama National Champs Just Yet

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After winning back-to-back national championships and compiling another impressive roster for the 2013 college football season, many people were ready to crown the Alabama Crimson Tide national champions before the season even started. But, to do this already would both ignore how college football operates, and that Alabama itself has a number of issues to deal with.

During every college football season, we see teams come out of nowhere to win big games, or even big conferences for that matter, and in the process, see favorites of the college football world be brought down. This trend is both an indication of the parity in college football, and the difficulty of getting a group of college kids to maintain consistency over a twelve-week period. The 2013 season will be no different in this manner, and as back-to-back national champs, there will be no team with a bigger 'X' on it's back than Alabama.

In addition to having to deal with getting college kids to gel together and maintain enough consistency to win a national championship, Alabama will have to deal with losing nine starters from 2012. Even for a team that recruits as well as Alabama, this will be a challenging feat to overcome, as no amount of talent can overcome a team that works together. How they deal with integrating new starters could make or break their season.

We could go on and on about the problems that Alabama has to worry about in 2013, but instead we have dwindled the list down to five issues.


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5.AJ McCarron Struggled Mightily In Week 1

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During Week 1 AJ McCarron threw for a lowly 110 yards with a 43.5% completion percentage and one interception. For a player that was considered to be a Heisman Trophy contender prior to the beginning of the season this is very worrisome, and does not bode well for when McCarron will have to face the defenses in the SEC.

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4.Alabama's Running Backs Are Very Young

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During the 2013 season, much of the success for Alabama will come down to how their four highly regarded freshman running backs, Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, Altee Tenpenny and Tyren Jones, who were all ranked at least a four-star recruit by ESPN, will perform. It was very clear during Week 1 that T.J. Yeldon will need a sidekick in the backfield to take some of the load off his shoulders and give him a breather every once in a while, after he picked up only 75 yards. If one of the four does not step up to help Yeldon, it may be a very disappointing year in Tuscaloosa.

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3.Alabama's Offensive Line Struggled Immensely In Week 1

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During their Week 1 win against Virginia Tech, the Alabama offensive line was uncharacteristically manhandled, allowing four sacks in the process. Much of the issues up front stem from the fact that Alabama lost three offensive lineman to the NFL draft during the offseason, resulting in their offensive line being extremely inexperienced. How they learn throughout the season could determine whether Alabama is able to achieve the three-peat.

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2.History Shows Three-Peats Are Nearly Impossible

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A three-peat of national championships has not been done in Division 1 College Football since 1934-1936, when the Minnesota Golden Gophers did it. Since then, we have seen various schools attempt to match this feat, but each has found it impossible to do.

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1.The Competition Is Gaining On Alabama

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Every team in college football knows that Alabama is gunning for a three-peat, and would love to be the team that makes that goal impossible. Not only does every team want to make that goal vanish, but top dogs Clemson, Ohio State and South Carolina actually looked to have improved since last season. This will put more pressure on Alabama to win the SEC, and result in a tougher matchup than Notre Dame, if they do make the national championship.