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5 College Football Upsets For Week 2

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5 College Football Upsets For Week 2

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Each week there are hidden upsets hidden throughout the college football schedule, and as last week pointed out, sometimes those upsets can come in huge waves. It was the week of Division 1-AA as you began to wonder why there is even a distinction between the two divisions with Division 1 teams falling left and right including a ranked Oregon State team and a few blowouts the American Athletic Conference would like to forget. Who will be the stunners this week? Who has Las Vegas wrongly placed as the underdog in Week 2 of the College Football season?

I have made my five upsets of Week 2 based on a rigorous criteria of stats, general football knowledge and what bowl Mr. Whiskers picks to eat his cat food out of. It is a strenuous process that goes deeper than Mel Kiper's hair. All kidding aside some of these teams I picked shouldn't even have been underdogs in the odds to begin with. I took a pretty big chance on a few of these picks, however, having two teams that are double digit underdogs so it's not all just your typical taking a bunch of teams who are underdogs by just one point. Mr. Whiskers enjoys taking risks and these picks reflect that.

So sit back and read the 5 College Football upsets for Week 2, and make sure to follow these five games and let me know how right I was after the games concluded. If you lose your house based on this post feel free to blame yourself for listening to a guy who referenced his cat Mr. Whiskers.

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5. Temple over Houston

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This is a game where I think Vegas got it wrong. Temple is currently a 3-point underdog, but really this is a game Temple should win, especially after how well they played Notre Dame last week. Yes the final score didn't look great, but after watching the game, you have to be impressed with QB Connor Reilly and against Houston's defense he should be able to throw wherever he wants all day.

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4. Miami (Fla) over Florida

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Al Golden has really turned this Miami team around in a short time period, and it is all leading to this big win on Saturday at home. Florida is a bit overrated even from last year and going on the road for this one will expose a few flaws left over. Miami wins this one and gets the win to put it back on the map.

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3. South Carolina over Georgia

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South Carolina is +3.5, and you have to like those odds against just about anyone. It's hard to imagine Georgia starting the year 0-2 which is my main concern, but on the field I just feel like South Carolina is the better of the two teams even without home-field advantage. It should be a nail-biter.

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2. UNLV over Arizona

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Putting my neck out there for this one. UNLV is +10.5 points at home and has trouble winning games anywhere, but the best help UNLV can ask for is Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez as a head coach has a horrible tendency of losing games they have no business losing. UNLV is also a much better team at home than away mostly because it would be impossible to be worse. Never count out Rich Rodriguez blowing odd games like this one.

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1. Arkansas State over Auburn

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The SEC knows a little about the Sunbelt conference and Auburn does as well losing to ULL-Monroe last season. Arkansas St. comes in as 10.5 point underdogs on the road, but Auburn looks shaky at best after their first week. I like the Sunbelt Conference to notch another stunner this Saturday in Auburn.