Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Set New Mark for Offensive Futility

By Kris Hughes
Bobby Petrino

As any football fan knows, ball control is of the essence to ensure a chance to be competitive, especially if your opponent is better on paper and on the field. Apparently this memo didn’t make it to Bobby Petrino’s Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, as they have set a new mark for offensive infamy in the first half against the Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville.

I know this will sound impossible, but WKU turned the ball over five times in six plays, leading to an early Tennessee lead that will certainly be insurmountable for the Hilltoppers to chip away at. Plenty of attention has been paid in the off-season to how Bobby Petrino will apply his offensive genius to a program that has rode the wave of success and failure over the course of the past decade.

With Petrino’s departure from Arkansas under dubious circumstance, the notion was he was too talented and too big of a name to stay on the open market for long, and as such, WKU was more than willing to give him an opportunity to get back on his feet and help their program at the same time.

Obviously, the horrendous start the Hilltoppers have endured during today’s matchup with the Volunteers can’t be completely attributed to Petrino. Players have to make plays and ball control is purely up to the guys in pads, not those in headsets, but I can promise you it’ll be enough to make whatever hairs Petrino has left turn a stark gray.

You can almost hear his Harley warming up in the distance for a evening-long head-clearing ride to parts unknown.

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