What Can Ohio State Do Against San Diego State?

By josephsmith
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The Ohio State Buckeyes and coach Urban Meyer will be looking to improve each week this season. They have their mind set on one goal and that is the crystal trophy that most prognosticators believe Alabama will hoist at the end of this college football season.

Each week, Meyer will be looking for new ways for his team to improve building towards what would be an outstanding season finale. That said, there is a lot of football to be played and many games to be won before Alabama and Ohio State would have the opportunity to face off. Both Coach Nick Saban and Meyer are national champions and will not take any game lightly.

In Week 2, the Buckeyes will be facing off against San Diego State in Columbus. San Diego State did not begin their season as they had hoped as they dropped an upsetting game to Eastern Illinois. The Aztec’s coach Rocky Long has coached against Meyer in the past when both where cutting their teeth in the Mountain West conference.

Long is a good defensive coach and will present some challenges for Braxton Miller and the Ohio State passing attack. The Aztecs hang their hat on their team speed. On defense, they will fly to the ball and hope to use their speed in the secondary to take the ball away from the Buckeyes. Long and his Aztecs will be playing a 3-3-5 defense this season.

This means they will feature three down linemen, three linebackers and five secondary defenders. This many bodies in the secondary should prove to be a good challenge for Heisman hopeful Miller. If Miller can thread the needle against three safeties and two cornerbacks, he may have a better chance when he comes up against some of the more talented defenses in the Big Ten this season.

With a smaller defense and less down linemen, look for the Buckeyes to find a good amount of success using their rushing attack. This week’s game will not be used just to test Miller’s abilities against an extra defender in the secondary. It will also be a lesson in taking what a defense gives you. If the Aztecs cannot stop the Buckeyes rushing attack, expect to see a constant pounding of the ball by Ohio State’s offense.

Also with the field as spread out as it will be, look to see Miller take off on a few long runs of his own. Coach Meyer will use his spread style attack to isolate his talent wherever the matchup is most advantageous for his team. The Aztecs defense will need to fly to the ball and wrap up on each tackle to have a fighting chance in this contest.

Expect the Ohio State defense to apply pressure on the Aztecs quarterback using primarily their down linemen. The defensive line should be a strength for the Buckeyes in 2013 and since it is Week 2 it is time for these big men to shine. Ohio State will see many different receivers from the Aztecs, but their secondary should not be outplayed in this game.

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