Can't Blame Jim Mora For Walking Out on Press Conference

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Mora
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of disrespectful people in this world we live in. The selfish media member in attendance at Jim Mora‘s press conference today, is one of them. Mora was of course in the middle of a very difficult press conference on Monday talking about the death of one of his players (Nick Pasquale), when the media member’s phone went off. Instead of disregarding the call, the moron proceeded to pick it up and talk while Mora was speaking from the heart. Mora subsequently lost it and told the guy to shut up. The Bruins’ head coach paused for several moments while staring down the photographer and then couldn’t take it anymore and left the room after a few more comments.

While I’m sure there are some people that feel he should have stayed and continued the press conference, consider the nature of it, I don’t blame Mora one bit for walking out. He was so disgusted and angry at the disrespectful photographer that he was probably afraid of what he was going to say next. Instead of making another comment that he may have regretted, Mora simply walked away.

It wasn’t an ideal ending to a presser than should have been about a fallen player, but at least it ended before it got really ugly. I’m not saying Mora walking out was ultimately the right move, I’m say that considering situation, it could have ended in a much worse manner.

Fans should focus on what the presser was truly about, Nick Pasquale’s life and tragic death.


(VIDEO) UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Jr. Freaks Out on Disrespectful Reporter


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