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SEC Football: Week Three Power Rankings

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SEC Power Rankings Week Three: Woody's High Five

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Well, who else is ready for the rest of the SEC to step it up a notch or two and play some real football teams? So far the only ones with any stones to open the season have been the Georgia Bulldogs who have played the toughest schedule in the nation by far after two games.

The Alabama Crimson Tide has just played one but it was against a “quality opponent” (we think) to go alongside the Florida Gators, Mississippi State Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks. But when you add these teams' record up after two weeks and you get a sub-par 5-4 mark for the glorious SEC.

And so far the stats show it in Ole Woody Smalls Week Three SEC Power Rankings. In fact, here is a quick breakdown of the madness.

The Tennessee Volunteers are No. 1 in the conference in total defense, while the Kentucky Wildcats are No. 2 in total offense. Yeah. The top two best rushing teams in the SEC so far are (drum roll please): Arkansas Razorbacks and the Auburn Tigers. Double yeah.

Probably the craziest thing and act of pure genius is what Nick Saban has accomplished in two weeks and one game. The Tide are currently last in the SEC in Total Offense and are last in the conference and the nation (via conference rank) in passing and rushing. Now of course that is because Bama has played just one game compared to two with everyone else in the league, but it plays perfectly into what Saban didn’t want the Texas A&M Aggies to see. The Crimson Tide cruised to victory in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic without giving up one nugget of information from a visual or statistical standpoint. Well played, Saban, well played indeed!

So with all of that being said, let’s jump right in and take a look at Woody’s High Five for Week Three ranking the Top Five SEC teams so far.

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No. 5 - Georgia Bulldogs (18.47)

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Despite the win over the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Georgia Bulldogs actually fell one spot to No. 5 in Woody’s High Five SEC Power Rankings this week.

The main reason for this fall centers around the Bulldogs' young defense who has been tested with some big time challenges in its first two weeks. Georgia is currently last in the SEC in rushing defense and total defense. Nationally, Georgia ranks 95th in points allowed, but you know that is going to go way down with an off week followed by a game against the North Texas Mean Green.

The Bulldogs are No. 2 in passing, No. 3 in total offense, No. 8 in rushing and No. 5 in scoring in the SEC. Nationally, Georgia has the No. 2 toughest schedule and comes in at No. 24 in passing, No. 37 in rushing and No. 38 in points scored.

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No. 4 - Ole Miss Rebels (18.20)

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Welcome to the party officially oh greatness who now inhabits The Grove! That’s right the Ole Miss Rebels jump from No. 8 last week to No. 4 in Week Three of Woody’s High Five SEC Power Rankings despite a lackluster win on Saturday.

The biggest reason for the jump is just Ole Miss’ consistency across the board and its ability to jump into the Top 25 Poll this week. The Rebels are fifth in the SEC in Rushing and Total Offense and seventh in Scoring. Their highest conference rank is in Rushing Defense as they come in at No. 3, but overall the defense has not fared well in comparison coming in at No. 11 in both Points Allowed and Passing Defense.

But when you add it all up alongside the sixth toughest schedule in the nation and it’s easy to see why Ole Miss might be a player in the Top Five for the entire season.

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No. 3 - Missouri Tigers (17.80)

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The world is starting to even out as the Missouri Tigers begin their decent in Woody’s High Five SEC Power Rankings. Time and a tougher schedule is quickly catching up to the Tigers who have been very impressive on offense to this point.

Missouri still comes in No. 3 in Scoring, No. 4 in Total Offense and Rushing, and No. 5 in Passing. Defensively the Tigers have done well in stopping the Run as they come in at No. 4 in the SEC. But stopping the Pass has been another issue altogether as Missouri comes in at No. 10.

Nationally, the Tigers are No. 14 in Scoring, and that is a ranking they should be able to maintain most of the season. But it is doubtful it will be enough to keep Missouri in the Top Five after this week.

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No. 2 - LSU Tigers (17.07)

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The LSU Tigers hold on to the second spot in Woody’s High Five SEC Power Rankings Week Three thanks to another strong offensive show by Cam Cameron and Zach Mettenberger.

Currently LSU is fourth in Scoring, seventh in Rushing and sixth in Passing in the SEC. Nationally, the Tigers are No. 16 in Points Scored. When was the last time you remember seeing an LSU team that high in the nation in points scored? Maybe never?

But the defense has been a little bit of a surprise as well despite LSU playing one good team and one chump team. The Tigers are No. 2 in the conference in Passing Defense and No. 4 in Rushing Defense but can only muster a tenth spot ranking in Total Defense. A very interesting stat that will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next two weeks.

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No. 1 - Texas A&M Aggies (15.00)

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And yes, coming in at No. 1 in Woody’s High Five SEC Power Rankings Week Three is none other than the Texas A&M Aggies. You know this is making Johnny Manziel completely giddy right now.

The Aggies are the kings of everything offensive (in more ways than one according to some) as they are No. 1 in Scoring, Total Offense and Passing in the SEC. Nationally, A&M is fourth in Points Scored sixth in Passing.

But the interesting stat rankings leading up to the big game with the Alabama Crimson Tide centers around the Aggies' defense. You know A&M purposely hasn’t revealed any of their real defensive schemes yet, but one still has to question a team who is No. 13 in Scoring Defense and Total Defense in conference and No. 84 nationally in Points Allowed. The only team worse in the SEC right now is the Georgia Bulldogs who have played far tougher Top Five opponents in the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

It will be interesting to see how these defensive shortcomings for A&M balance with the lack of offensive prowess after one game for the Crimson Tide. These two teams are both playing possum and something will give come Saturday night.

SEC Power Rankings 6-14

No. 6 - Vanderbilt Commodores (22.13)

No. 7 - Florida Gators (22.40)

No. 7 - Mississippi State Bulldogs (22.40)

No. 9 - Tennessee Volunteers (22.53)

No. 10 - Arkansas Razorbacks (23.40)

No. 11 - South Carolina Gamecocks (23.80)

No. 12 - Alabama Crimson Tide (24.07)

No. 13 - Auburn Tigers (25.13)

No. 14 - Kentucky Wildcats (28.8)

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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