Johnny Manziel Can Win Some Fans Back Against Alabama

By Andrew Fisher
Johnny Manziel
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College football’s game of the year is almost here. The anticipation has been building ever since Texas A&M went into Tuscaloosa last fall and shocked Alabama. It was the game that really put Johnny Manziel on the map, but as is often the case – what a difference a year makes.

Since his historic freshman campaign that landed him the Heisman trophy, Manziel’s image has taken a massive hit. It’s not totally fair to say that success has changed him, because after all, nobody (general public) really knew anything about him until 2012. He’s what you could call an overnight sensation and deservedly so. But with that success came fame and spotlight, and with spotlight, came insight to his personal life.

The reality is that a lot of people don’t agree with his lifestyle and a ton more don’t agree with the way he’s handled himself throughout an offseason full of turmoil. Manziel threw his haters a bone in the season opener, when he decided to taunt opposing players on his way to being flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. Safe to say, his popularity has dipped significantly since the Alabama game last year.

But it’s with that dip in popularity, that the sophomore quarterback as a big chance to regain some fans this Saturday. There are a ton of Alabama haters across this nation and by default, they’re going to root for A&M. Manziel is of course the focal point of the Aggies’ offense and he’ll have a chance to once again steal the show and impress America with his football skills.

Manziel doesn’t even have to win to gain some support back. If he plays really well, while conducting himself in a professional manner, people will take notice. But, if A&M comes out and gets smacked around, while Manziel displays more immaturity on the field, he could hit a new all-time low.


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