Reports: Texas Longhorns Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds to Step Down at End of 2013

By Kris Hughes
Mack Brown Recruiting
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According to a well-known source focused on Texas Longhorns sports, long-time Texas Longhorns Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds will step down at the end of the calendar year. Dodds will move into a consultative role in the athletic department and serve the university in what has been described as a “significant half-time role.”

A great deal of attention has been paid to Dodds’ future at Texas given the struggles of the football programs and also, the men’s basketball program, while not as high-profile on the Forty Acres as football may be is nonetheless an important sport in terms of the university’s overall athletic reputation. Rick Barnes’ future is as much in limbo as Mack Brown’s given the team’s horrid 2012 season, which culminated in a bid to low-level post-season play, and the struggles Barnes has had with a high degree of talent to get deeper in the post-season.

Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido is in equally hot water after a young team failed to qualify for the post-season for the first time in years this past summer. In short, Texas athletics as a whole has become a shell of it’s once dominating self.

Should Dodds’ departure become corroborated and made clear as reality, the rumors will be certain to swirl about a transition for Mack Brown from football coach to Dodds’ role as Athletic Director when the time comes. It seems a natural fit for Brown to be paid back for the time and effort he has put into the program — regardless of what recent struggles would lead most to believe — and also allow the University to make a smooth transition for Brown into a new role without having to do an extensive, external search for Dodds’ replacement.

With an initial report by the Texas source being all that has surfaced to this point, there is certain to be greater detail in coming days whether the report is fact-based and in fact, true, or whether it is yet another rumor without corroboration of the type which have circulated wildly after Texas’ brutal loss to the BYU Cougars last weekend in Provo.

With the outpouring of support for Mack Brown from those closely tied to the University, like big-money alumnus Joe Jamail, and more recently school president William Powers, a move of this type certainly appears foreshadowed. Does faith in Mack Brown imply a lack of faith in DeLoss Dodds? If so, it would certainly create some bizarre storylines going forward.

Regardless, it’s more added drama for a program that can hardly afford it during a time of extreme turmoil.

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