Alabama Beats Texas A&M: Aggie Defense Nowhere to be Found in Loss to the Crimson Tide

By M. Shannon Smallwood

Let’s just start with the obvious question.

What do you think Johnny Manziel is going to do tonight to console himself after failing at something for the first time in a year after he and his Texas A&M Aggies fell 49-42 to the Alabama Crimson Tide? Afterall, it was his fault the Aggies lost now wasn’t it?

There is no doubt that is probably what he is thinking and, to be honest, you would have to agree with him. Yes, he did have the two silly turnovers, but he led Texas A&M to do something few teams have done against ‘Bama over the past few years: find a way to get back in the game and have a shot to win after going down by three scores. As much as it pains the majority of SEC and College Football fans, Manziel put up 464 yards passing on 28 for 39 passes, five touchdowns and added 98 yards rushing on 14 carries. Has anyone put up those kinds of numbers ever against a Nick Saban led team?

The answer is no one. Period!

So now that it is established Manziel is a pure freak of nature, let’s digress into the mess that was the Aggie defense.

Texas A&M had one of the worst defensive units heading into this game in the SEC. But after the first 10 minutes, it looked like that was Kevin Sumlin playing possum in those first two games. To say A&M was dominant to begin the game on defense would be an understatement. So what the heck happened?

Saban and Alabama happened. That was too proud and experienced of a team to just roll over. Once a stop was made by the Alabama defense and A.J. McCarron figured out where his opportunities to succeed were offensively, it was all over.

Yes, the hit and the fumble recovery was a great counter punch by A&M. The 95-yard pass play was things of legends to follow. But when the Aggies needed to prove its worth, it simply could not stop the Crimson Tide.

It was a great game as advertised no doubt.

But the time for Texas A&M to take that next step will have to wait for another day and another year.

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association. Follow him @woodysmalls.

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