Despite Marquee Matchup, NCAA Can't Gloss Over Controversy

By Karim Akbar

Kevin Sumlin probably can’t wait to be done with the mess that has been Johnny Manziel. We don’t need a Johnny cam to know that Manziel is probably sick of the NCAA just the same.

With  arguably its biggest matchup getting the national spotlight Saturday as Texas A&M squared off with champs Alabama, you have to wonder what th NCAA will do once the hype boils over. Though the game was close, it was Alabama that would prevail 49-42 to remain undefeated. Manziel led a tremendous comeback with 21 fourth-quarter points, but we can’t exactly gloss over the fact the NCAA is coming under fire these days.

As you know, the NCAA is dying for good press these days. An SI expose into the Oklahoma State program this week uncovered tons of infractions that shine a light on the corruption that runs rampant in the NCAA.

It is the end of the student athlete as we know it. The NCAA is fighting fires on both sides, with really no kind of due diligence on any issues. It refuses to look at stipends for players, even as it makes billions in revenue off its student athletes, yet only gives out slaps on the wrist to A.D.’s and programs coast-to-coast.

The reach of the game is undeniable, especially with Manziel involved. The NCAA hasn’t seen this kind of polarizing athlete since Tim Tebow. With a league so entrenched in controversy, you have to figure someone at the NCAA would step up and clean things up once and for all.

That may never happen, however, because athletic directors and head coaches circumvent the regulations at every turn while most infractions are swept under the rug before any ruling is made. With problems like that, it’s a sure recipe for disaster.

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