Talk of Hugh Freeze Leaving Ole Miss for Texas is Completely Ridiculous

By Patrick Schmidt

Ole Miss was one of the biggest winners of the weekend with a convincing victory in Austin over Texas, but much of the discussion this weekend revolved around Rebels coach Hugh Freeze auditioning for the Longhorns job, which is absurd.

Current Texas coach Mack Brown appears to have as much longevity as an ice cream cone in the summer heat of Austin or Oxford, but to think Freeze would take the Texas job if it were offered to him is a complete contradiction to who he is as a man.

Freeze is not your stereotypical coach who is looking for a big payday and goes from one place to the next, all while never establishing roots in any one place. You can say that may change when Texas backs up the Brinks truck to the Freeze household, but you know nothing about him if you think money would make him sacrifice his values.

Simply put, Freeze is not motivated by dollar signs.

Texas can offer the moon to whomever they want as their next head coach assuming Brown is not the man next year, but that hardly matters to Freeze who values faith, family, trust and community among his ideals. He was born in the town he now coaches, was educated at Southern Miss and got his first college gig at Ole Miss in 2005.

The Rebels gave the former high school coach a chance to coach in the almighty SEC, and all he has done is reward them with 10 wins in his first 16 games, including a bowl win and a top-five recruiting class.

The future looks so bright for the Ole Miss program under his direction. He is a man of faith, he is revered by the Rebel Nation, and his wife and three daughters have deep roots in Oxford. To suggest he’s thinking of uprooting himself and his family and alienating himself in his hometown for a job anywhere is just talk radio fodder.

He is not going anywhere any time soon, and you can take that to the bank.

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