Bo Pelini is Confident Nebraska Fans Will Forgive, But Winning Is The Only Solution

By Andrew Fisher
Bo Pelini
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As if the criticisms from Nebraska legend Tommy Frazier weren’t enough to get Cornhusker fans thinking, the audio drop of the year certainly did. Safe to say, it hasn’t been a good couple of days for Bo Pelini. Use whatever analogy you want, when it rains it pours, he’s getting kicked while he’s down, this is simply not a good situation. But despite all the things that haven’t gone Pelini’s way, the head coach remains optimistic that fans will understand and that he’ll get through this whole ordeal.

He’s right when he says that he’s human just like everybody else. We all make mistakes, sometimes of the terrible variety, like Pelini’s rant. But when it comes to Nebraska football, insulting the fans is just something you don’t do if you’re the head coach. Not like it’s okay for any coach to criticize fans, but it’s especially bad in Nebraska. We’re talking about a program that’s sold out every game since 1962. That’s the epitome of a loyal fan base.

It will be interesting to see if the Nebraska faithful boo Pelini upon his arrival at the team’s next home game. Some have probably moved past it already, but you know there’s a good chunk of Cornhusker fans who will never forgive the head coach. You can’t really blame them. But, there is a way out of this. In fact, there’s only one way – winning. It’s that simple moving forward.

Pelini’s seat was already lukewarm before this past weekend and now the temperature is rising. Each loss that occurs from here on out, will only add fuel to the fire. If Bo Pelini doesn’t post a very good win/loss record, he’s gone.

However, it should also be noted that Nebraska fired Franck Solich after he posted a 9-3 record in 2003.

Listen to Pelini’s Profanity-Laced Tirade Here


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