Nebraska Is Moving On From the Bo Pelini Fiasco, But the Damage Has Been Done

By Andrew Fisher
Bo Pelini
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After living in uncertainty for the last couple of days following the release of his profanity-laced tirade, it appears Bo Pelini is safe. Nebraska will not discipline its head coach and the football team will move forward with business as usual. The University released a statement on the matter, in which they revealed that former athletic director Tom Osborne was actually made aware of Pelini’s comments over a year ago.

Here’s a portion of the released statement:

“Coach Pelini has given us his assurance that he understands the seriousness and inappropriateness of his comments. We believe he is sincere in his apology and in his regret. We are prepared to put the matter to rest. Our football student-athletes, coaches and staff deserve all of our support and we know the Nebraska faithful will be there for them.”

Another portion of the statement also says that the University has observed a major change in Pelini’s demeanor since the incident. I would certainly hope so.

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For PR purposes, this is all fine and dandy. I get it, they’ve got his back, he’s sorry, let’s move on. But I think we can all still see the writing on the wall. This issue might technically be behind the University, but another issue is still there – Pelini’s defense has been bad as of late.

Don’t get me wrong, Pelini has had success during his time at Nebraska. But he’s still yet to achieve the level of success most fans expect (whether it’s realistic or not). The only way Bo Pelini is still the head coach of Nebraska next season, is if he takes this team to a BCS bowl game. It’s a win or go home situation, regardless of the fiasco that’s just taken place.


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