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5 Biggest College Football Upsets For Week 4

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5 Biggest College Football Upsets For Week 4

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Last week I called the UCLA victory over Nebraska and the UCF upset road victory at Penn State. We are not going to bring up the Wisconsin upset pick because - WHAT ARE YOU BLIND REFS?! Sorry I still have a little emotion - HE KNELT DOWN! Anyway moving on from that - HOW COULD YOU LET THE CLOCK RUN OUT YOU DIDN'T EVEN MARK THE FOOTBALL?! Here are some of my thoughts for Week 4.

This week is missing a lot of the big premier matchups you usually look for week to week, but what it isn't lacking is potential upsets. There are so many good quality upset picks available that it was hard limiting my cats to choosing just five and they complained about it pretty forcefully. Or they needed food which would make sense. Either way there are a lot of betting odds out there that don't really make sense with how the teams have played, and while I had to factor in that some of them were traps, a few of these teams I just cannot see losing this weekend.

It seems crazy to think that we are already into Week 4 of the College Football season and I haven't lost most of my possessions and dignity in a casino, but this year I have seem to have done my best job at really studying the teams and picking winners. It must be the fact that I print out all of the rosters and look for their astrological signs. Let's just say some of these Libras are going to have a tough time mixing with these Pisces. Here are my upsets for the week.

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5. Arkansas Over Rutgers

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Arkansas is +1.5 on the road heading to a Rutgers team that embarrassed them last season, but if there is anything I have learned in the past 10 years it's to never pick against the SEC and to never mix ketchup with pudding. Learn from the past; take Arkansas and don't mix ketchup with pudding.

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4. Boise St Over Fresno St

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Boise State is +4.5 tonight on the road against Fresno State and for good reason with how the two have played. But I am going to throw a stat your way that will change your entire mind about this. Only 6 percent of all coupons printed are ever redeemed. Oops, sorry wrong stat. Try the fact that Boise State is 11-2 against the Bulldogs. Until Fresno can prove it, you have to go with the established leader.

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3. Michigan St Over Notre Dame

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Neither team has looked very good early on in the season so the fact that one of them is giving 5.5 points should tip you off to go the other way with it. Michigan St has the talent to win in South Bend, and a mistake or two caused by that talented defense is all it takes for the upset.

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2. Utah St Over USC

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Utah St is +6.5 heading into USC which that alone should tell you all you need to know. On a good year USC would be something like -28 or more, yet here sits USC whose offense is more anemic than someone with a blood cell deficiency. Utah St isn't missing any blood cells, take them.

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1. Hawaii Over Nevada

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Pains me picking this as a current Nevada student, but they did charge me a $15 fee so all gloves are off. In seriousness Nevada lost their backup QB for the year which wouldn't be a problem if Cody Fajardo, their starter, wasn't also moving around slower than me - I move slow. Their 3rd string QB is a redshirt freshman, and while Nevada still has the talent likely to beat Hawaii at home this QB situation makes an upset a lot more likely.