Arian Foster Arrogantly Admits he Took Money in College

By Connor Muldowney
Arian Foster
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In some shocking news, Arian Foster admitted in a recent interview that he took money in his time as a running back for the Tennessee Volunteers. While this isn’t the first time a scandal has rocked the college football world this season, it is a pretty big deal, to say the least.

Foster, a four-year contributor to the Volunteers from 2005-08 under head coach Phil Fulmer, racked up over 2,700 yards in his time at Tennessee and went undrafted into the NFL in 2009, joining the Houston Texans.

While he admitted to taking money — not something completely out of the ordinary these days — he did so in a very arrogant way. He said how he didn’t know if his admission would stir up an NCAA investigation — which, duh, it obviously will — but he wanted to confess the fact he sometimes took food and money from coaches and other people tied with the university.

He admitted he didn’t always have that much money so he would call up head coach Fulmer and tell him he needed food and it would be brought over for the running back and some fellow teammates.

Check out the interview here:

As you can tell, he sounds pretty arrogant in the interview and doesn’t really care that he’s about to ruin his alma mater’s chances for future success. Although it should be brought to the attention of investigators, the way he presented himself looked like he didn’t really care about anyone else but himself.

He also said that he believes players should be paid so he saw nothing wrong with taking money and food in his time at Tennessee.

It’s tough to see such a well-respected athlete throw his former school under the bus for something he did as well.

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