NCAA College Football Preview: UCLA vs. New Mexico State

By Ricardo A. Hazell
Bruce Thurson-USA TODAY Sports

The 13th-ranked UCLA Bruins will play a New Mexico State Aggies team that some believe won’t even score, let alone win. It’s a typical David versus Goliath scenario for head coach Jim Mora‘s squad. That’s precisely why the Bruins should storm out of the gate and give the Aggies a thrashing of biblical proportions.

The UCLA program has been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster since the death of receiver Nick Pasquale, but they must waste little time dispatching a New Mexico State team they are favored to beat by 42 points. That point spread is the epitome of disrespectful, but a program has to earn respect. It is never, ever given simply upon request.

In football, it is earned by dirty filled facial wounds, bloody-noses and victories. Lots and lots of them.

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Meanwhile, head coach Doug Martin‘s 0-3 Aggies aren’t giving the prognosticators any reason to believe they have a fighting chance at all. They have been outscored by their past three opponents (Texas, Minnesota and UTEP) 142-49. The Bruins scored the final 38 points against Nebraska during a very emotional game last week.

This week, any hypothesized letdown would have to be extremely dramatic to the point of inspiring an ABC After School Special. The Aggies have not defeated a ranked team since 1999. Martin will start a new freshman QB in King Davis III, and fullback Brandon Betancourt will be making his first career start as well. UCLA wins this going away — so far away they circumnavigate the globe, come back and win some more.

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