NCAA Restores Penn State Scholarships, Should Also Remove Bowl Ban

By Zach Morrison
Penn State Nittany Lions
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

According to the NCAA, their Executive Committee is gradually restoring football scholarships that were taken away as a part of the sanctions that were announced in July of 2012. They were a part of the disgusting Jerry Sandusky scandal that was full of controversy and a whole lot of anger.

This has to be great news for Penn State Nittany Lions fans. The Executive Committee said that the decision to restore scholarships was in response to the praise that NCAA monitor George Mitchell gave the university for acting upon the recommendations in the Freeh Report to restore “athletic and academic integrity,” or whatever that silly phrase was.

We all have our opinions on the Sandusky scandal and what roles certain men played in it. I respect your opinion, just like I would hope you expect mine, even if we may disagree. I am not going to get into it deeply, because we are all sick and tired of hearing about it, and the majority of the Penn State community has moved on. My take is as follows: Penn State did not deserve such harsh sanctions, as the players and coaches that are still with the team had absolutely nothing to do with the scandal when it was taking place. The people who were involved, for the most part, are either deceased or will be punished by the judicial system. The sanctions placed upon the Nittany Lions’ football program were simply a show of dominance by NCAA President Mark Emmert. Basically, he made an example of Penn State.

Having the scholarships restored is just the first of what should be a series of steps taken by the NCAA to right the wrongs it has done to Penn State, including removing the bowl ban. This isn’t about the kids, this isn’t about Sandusky, and it isn’t even about Joe Paterno. This is about the current football team. I don’t want to hear about culture; I don’t want to hear about any of that. We all feel for the children and their families, but having sanctions placed upon Penn State did absolutely nothing to help them.

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