Ole Miss Rebels: What We Learned In Week 4, What To Look For In Week 5

By Scott Page
ole miss
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The Ole Miss Rebels (3-0, 1-0) have as good a shot as any team at knocking off No. 1 Alabama. And apparently, they’re not afraid to talk about it.

Sunday night, budding star receiver, freshman Laquon Treadwell, tweeted “Stay tune upset.” Bad grammar aside, it seems the youngster is predicting an Ole Miss win this weekend. Earlier this week, his quarterback backed him up, saying the Rebels have better playmakers than No. 10 Texas A&M, which lost 49-42 to Alabama in Week 3.

“I think we have better receivers than A&M,” Bo Wallace said. “They want to talk about Mike Evans being so good, but we have Donte [Moncrief], and I think Laquon [Treadwell] is going to be that way. We have better players on the outside than A&M does.”

The Rebels’ offense ranks sixth in the SEC with 38 points per game, and Wallace said he expects Ole Miss to be able to challenge the Crimson Tide defense.

“Yeah, I think we can put points on them,” Wallace said. “I think we can put points on anybody. We just have to show up and play. It’s the same thing every week, let’s stay on schedule, control the tempo and don’t have any turnovers.”

What to look for in Week 5: Whether or not Ole Miss can walk the walk. Saying you can beat Alabama at home and actually doing it are two vastly different endeavors.

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