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Top 5 Loudest Stadiums in College Football

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What are the loudest stadiums in college football?

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Greg Bartram - USA Today Sports

Some people believe that a stadium is loud depending on who a team is playing. Others tend to believe that a stadium is loud no matter who a team plays. The latter seems to be more believable, as some college football stadiums can hold as many as 100,000-plus fans, or close to it. How can there possibly be that many people in a stadium and it not be loud? Sure, any normal stadium will be louder when a team is playing their rival or an important conference game, but the noise level in those stadiums do not even compare to the noise level of the top-five loudest stadiums in College Football.

There are other factors besides stadium capacity that contribute to the noise level in a stadium. Traditions, such as the Wisconsin Badger’s “Jump Around,” have a lot to do with the noise level. Traditions like these are meant for fans to get loud and get fired up. Another factor, as mentioned before, is the importance of a game, especially rivalries. There is no doubt that the Horseshoe will be deafening on Saturday night as the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the aforementioned Badgers. It is a 100,000-plus capacity stadium on a Saturday night with the Buckeyes taking on one of their Big Ten rivals to begin conference play. How could it not be loud? Did Wisconsin’s Camp Randall Stadium or the Horseshoe make the top five, though?

There are many different opinions on this subject, but here is a new take on it. You will notice that a certain conference dominates this top five, but it is for good reason. It is a great time for this as many teams are getting ready to go into conference play, and there are sure to be plenty of big games to look forward to the rest of the season that will pump up the volume in stadiums across the country.

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#5 - Michigan Stadium (aka "The Big House")

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Michigan Wolverine fans make sure the 110,000-plus capacity stadium is always loud. With that many people in a stadium, it’s hard for it not to be loud, especially during big games. Go to a game in The Big House when they are playing Ohio State or the Michigan State Spartans and you will understand. It is also the third-largest stadium in the world.

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#4 - Camp Randall Stadium

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Badger fans sure do know how to raise the volume in a stadium. Whether it is from traditions like the 80,000-plus crowd jumping around to “Jump Around” during the third and fourth quarter, the “wave” or any of the other volume-raising traditions, Camp Randall is sure to be loud on any given Saturday.

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#3 - Autzen Stadium (aka "The Autzen Zoo")

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Do not be fooled. The Oregon Ducks stadium only holds about 54,000 people, but many have said that it is louder than stadiums that can hold twice as many people. This could be because the stadium is designed to amplify crowd noise. Ear plugs may be a necessity, as the noise level has been recorded at over 127 decibels and exceeds what is considered to be the “pain threshold” of 125 decibels.

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#2 - Ohio Stadium (aka "The Horseshoe")

Rob Leifheit - USA Today Sports

With its 100,000-plus capacity, the Horseshoe is surely one of the louder places to play in college football. It’s always loud, no matter whom the Buckeyes are playing. A rivalry game or conference game just make the volume even louder. The noise has surely affected the play-calling of many opposing teams over the years. It is the country’s fourth-largest stadium.

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#1 - Tiger Stadium (aka "Death Valley")

Derick E Hingle - USA Today Sports

The night games in Baton Rouge have been described as “ear-splitting” by many who have been to them. The LSU Tigers have even put a seismometer next to the stadium and made it known as the place where the crowd in the stadium registered as an earthquake. Its stadium capacity is 92,000, but the fans in Tiger Stadium can make it seem like it’s much more than that, especially during any of their night games.