LSU-Georgia Show Offensive Side of SEC

By Greg Higgins
Danielle Hunter
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Most of the time when you mention high-powered offenses in college football, the PAC-12 or Big-12 teams come to mind. Rarely does someone think about the SEC when talking about offensive battles. LSU and Georgia did their best, though, to debunk any of those rumors. In a game that will go down as an instant classic, Georgia outlasted LSU 44-41.

Both teams came into the game ranked in the top 10 and it was the third opponent Georgia has faced this year ranked in the top 10 (Clemson and South Carolina). The game had 85 total points and nearly 950 yards of total offense. Watching this game, and seeing people like Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M, perhaps the landscape of the SEC is changing.

Obviously it’s important to win any game you play in college football with the absence of a playoff system, but it almost seems more crucial to win if you’re in the SEC. There’s a reason why the SEC is considered the toughest conference in college football. It’s also no surprise that they seem to produce the national champion year after year.

They say defense wins championships and that seems to be the case more times than not. However, most fans would rather watch a great offensive game with lots of scoring. If that’s you, then Saturday gave you exactly what you wanted. There’s still a lot of football to be played this season, but it’s quite possible we witnessed the best game of the college season on Saturday in Athens, Ga. Even if another one comes along that tops it, this game was a reminder that the SEC is still the best conference in the NCAA.

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