Lane Kiffin Firing Was Well Timed By USC

By Tyler

In what was an entirely unsurprising move, the USC Trojans announced Sunday morning that they had fired head coach Lane Kiffin after the team dropped to 3-2 on the season with a loss to Arizona State. This was a move that was a long time coming, and ultimately will serve USC well in the long term.

Over the last two seasons, USC has recorded a 10-8 record. This total is unacceptable for a program that has a history as long and productive as any in the country. During this time, the team has gone from looking like a potential title contender to a group that is lost on the field and appears to have no map guiding it back to relevance. This had people speculating for the last three weeks over his firing, creating a lack of stability around a program that was already falling apart.

Making this move now will restore some sense of stability to USC this season, and will also serve the program well moving into the future. This is because with it only being the fifth week in the season USC has sufficient time to find a new coach who will be able to properly set up his recruiting class without being rushed in the way a coach that comes in after the season is over has to.

For a program as big as USC, the value of this cannot be understated, as the new coaches job will be to get the program back to being one of the best in the country as soon as possible. This was clearly not happening under Kiffin. If history has told us anything, it is that the big college football programs of the past always seem to find a way back to the top.

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