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5 Reasons Why The Michigan Wolverines Are Overrated

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5 Reasons Why the Michigan Wolverines are Overrated

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Four games into the 2013 season and on the verge of entering Big Ten play, the Michigan Wolverines are ranked 19th in the AP Poll and 17th in the USA Today poll.

Certainly a lot of the statistics for Michigan are good, and it’s hard to do better in the win column than 4-0. However, it’s not that hard to make an argument as to why the Wolverines are overrated and don’t deserve to be in the top 25.

Several of the teams that are on the outside looking into the top-25 rankings have better numbers in many statistical categories than Michigan does. These areas include offense, defense and special teams. The root causes behind these issues are personnel, coaching and scheme-related. There is no quick fix for these problems. They are things Michigan needs to work on more in practice and execute better in during games.

These statistics aren’t unimportant numbers, but figures that are vital to the long-term success of a college football team. In order to win the Big Ten, the Wolverines need to improve in these areas. If the Wolverines can improve in these areas, they would arguably be the top team in the Big Ten and be in Rose Bowl predictions. Until that time, a lot of work remains to be done.

There are five predominant reasons why the Wolverines are overrated. In this slideshow, each one is presented with information as to how it’s become an issue for Michigan and the players involved.

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5. Matt Wile

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Wolverines punter Matt Wile is only averaging 36.5 yards per punt so far. In order to win in a conference that is predicated on defense, field position and running the ball, Michigan has to get more out of its punter.

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4. Lack of Targets in Passing Game

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The Michigan passing game has been all about one Devin (Gardner) to another. Devin Funchess leads the Wolverines in catches with 22, receiving yards with 328 and touchdown catches with four. The next closest Michigan receiver has just eight catches. The Wolverines' passing game is very limited and that's not what should be said of the 19th-best team in the country.

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3. Quarterback Devin Gardner

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Through four games against defenses that are less than stellar Gardner, is averaging only 200 yards through the air per game and has thrown more interceptions than touchdown passes. If the leader of the Wolverines' offense is responsible for more giveaways than scores, how can this team be the 19th best in all of FBS?

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2. Turnovers

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Michigan has given the ball away 12 times and taken the ball away only seven times. Last time I checked, being a -5 in turnover ratio shouldn't qualify you to be in the top 25

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1. Weak Schedule

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None of the teams that the Wolverines have played so far this season are in the top 25 themselves now. The Wolverines nearly lost at home to Akron and needed a comeback to beat UConn. This is the strongest piece of evidence that Michigan is overrated.