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5 Biggest College Football Upsets For Week 7

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5 Biggest College Football Upsets For Week 7

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College football upsets begins to be ripe in October. Think of it like pumpkins or really annoying kids coming to your door while they're trick-or-treating. Sure, you may want to spray them with a hose and tell them to get off your lawn, but they don't go away and they toilet paper your house. As you are cleaning that 15th egg off your garage, you begin to realize you should have just embraced it. Embrace the upsets, my friends, or else you'll end up with a garage full of broken eggs.

Last week, my upsets went 2-3 once again and as my mother keeps reminding me, all I'll ever be is mediocre. 2-3 may be good for some people when picking upsets, but we want 4-1 -- no, we want 5-0. I believe this week is my best week picking upsets so far, and I am not just saying that because I say that every week. Mother is going to be in for quite a surprise when I start picking upsets at better rates and maybe then she will have to admit that I am worth living in her basement. One day.

As for this week's picks, there was a lot of upsets I passed up just because I didn't have the gut instinct about them. It's kind of like when I see that the milk is past the expiration date and my dad says it's only a day over and to just drink it because I am his biggest disappointment. Sure I could drink the milk, but if I don't have a good feeling about it, I have to listen to my instincts. This week, I listened to my instincts.

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5. Oregon State Over Washington State

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I could make a joke about the Cougars and Beavers' nicknames, but I am much more mature than that. It's not like I just specifically picked this matchup because their nicknames are the Cougars and the Beavers. Yes.

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4. Penn State Over Michigan

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No fun nicknames here, but Penn State is always tough at home and Michigan is just not as good as their record or ranking would suggest. Penn State as 2.5 point underdogs smells of lies and undercover rigging by a new world order. Take Penn State if you don't want the government after you.

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3. South Florida Over UCONN

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South Florida is a much better place for old people, and old people enjoy football games and smelling. That smell may be too much for UConn to overcome.

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2. Georgia Tech Over BYU

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Bees are the most fearsome thing on this planet, and Yellow Jackets are the reason why I can never go outside. BYU should hide indoors until they have left the field.

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1. Hawaii Over UNLV

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I'm just going to pick Hawaii every week until they win a game so that I can post on every social media site about how intelligent I am. It has to happen sometime. Anytime. UNLV is a good place for it to happen.