Texas Longhorns Have a Single Source of Motivation Against Oklahoma Sooners

By Kris Hughes
Jackson Jeffcoat
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Any college football player wants to make history.

There’s nothing quite like having your name go down in the record books at your school for a positive. Nothing like creating a legacy which will be remembered for generations and that stands the test of time.

No player wants to make history like that facing the Texas Longhorns in the Red River Shootout, however. If Texas loses to the Oklahoma Sooners in this year’s battle for the Golden Hat, the 2010 recruiting class will go down as the first senior class in history to lose the Red River Shootout four consecutive times.

With all of the analysis that’s been done regarding this game and the hand-wringing about what Texas has to do to even make it interesting, much less escape with a win, this single source of motivation is what it all boils down to.

Simple? Yes.

Profound? Infinitely.

This game lies squarely on the shoulders of the Texas leaders, guys like Jackson Jeffcoat, Mike Davis and Case McCoy. If there ever was a time to let the BS walk and actions talk, the RRS is that day. In general, there has been a lack of leadership on a team racked by injuries and that has failed to live up to the potential it has on paper, and in a structure that demands leadership demand the best out of those they lead, only Jeffcoat, Davis, McCoy and those in a leadership role have themselves to blame.

Leading by example is one thing — and each of these three (apart from the Davis cut block incident) has done this to some degree. Getting the best out of those you are tasked to lead, is something entirely different.

Ultimately, whether or not there is a collective recognition of the historical implications of this year’s RRS lies squarely on the shoulders of the leadership on the field, and, yes, on the coaching staff. After all, any team is a direct reflection of the coaches leading them.


Given that condition, if Texas fails to play with passion against Oklahoma, lies down when the going gets tough and makes history, it’s the final condemnation of a coaching staff whose butts are getting warmer as each hour passes. If so, this Texas senior class will become a punchline, an answer to the most vile of trivia questions to be passed around among fans for generations to come.

Which class never beat Oklahoma?



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