Texas Longhorns: Mack Brown’s Job Safe, For Now

By Lahari Subraveti
Mack Brown Texas Longhorns
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The last couple years have been shaky for head coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns, bringing into question his job security. In 2011, the ‘Horns lost to the Oklahoma Sooners 55-17. Then, they lost last year to the Sooners 63-21. Then came the 40-21 loss to BYU this season. So Saturday’s game against the Sooners was a must-win for Brown’s squad. The seniors, led by quarterback Case McCoy, guided the ‘Horns to a 36-20 win over the Sooners.

Brown proved that he still knows how to coach, and the players executed the gameplan well. After a slipping away from a Thursday night win over Iowa State last week, Texas had a couple extra days to prepare for the Sooners. That extra time really seemed to help.  The defense was able to stop the Sooner run, holding them to 66 yards between Keith Ford and Trey Millard.

On offense, the ‘Horns had an electrifying run scheme, utilizing both Johnathan Gray and Malcolm Brown. Each had over 120 yards on the ground, thanks to an injured Sooner defense. In addition, McCoy managed the game well after a shaky start. In fact, overall, the Longhorns outgained the Sooners 445-263.

Brown should be happy with the way the Longhorns have performed. After all, his job depended on it. It is going to be hard to fire Brown now. Any more slip-ups may seal his fate at the end of the season, but he should be safe at least for the rest of 2013. The Longhorns and Brown have risen above all the premature talk and speculation surrounding his firing. But the Longhorns still have a tough schedule ahead, with their last three against No. 22 Oklahoma State, No. 20 Texas Tech and No.15 Baylor.


Lahari Subraveti is a football writer for Rant Sports.  Follow her on Twitter: @Lahari_S.

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