Iowa Hawkeyes Recruiting the Same as Always

By Derek Helling
Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

Halfway into the 2013 season, a look at the University of Iowa football program’s recruiting commitments and targets have shown that nothing has changed for head coach Kirk Ferentz and his staff. Their recruiting is the description of mediocre, but Ferentz and his staff have made it work.

Iowa currently has 15 recruits whom have made verbal commitments. The headliner of the class is Jay Scheel, who has been recruited as an athlete, from Union High School in La Porte City, IA. Scheel has shown proficiency as a dual-threat quarterback at Union and will add agility and speed to the Iowa offense. At 6-foot-1 170 pounds, he may be best suited as a slot receiver in Iowa’s offense.

Another talented player recruited as an athlete but this time on the defensive side is Jalen Embry from Martin Luther King High in Detroit, MI. While Embry has played most of his football at cornerback, his 5-foot-11 180-pound frame and less than blazing speed may make him better suited for safety or outside linebacker in defensive coordinator Phil Parker‘s scheme.

The rest of the Hawkeyes’ current recruiting class is a group of three and two star players, mostly from the Midwest who were recruited to play a variety of positions. Current targets that haven’t made commitments to any program include linebacker Parker Hesse and running back James Butler. Even if Iowa is able to sign Butler and Hesse, they aren’t going to improve the overall quality of this class much from a rankings aspect.

The average stars for Iowa’s 2013 class was 2.77 and this year’s class looks to be about the same at 2.73 counting the current commits only. Iowa fans shouldn’t expect any different. Throughout Ferentz’s tenure, the name of the game has not been phenomenal recruiting but phenomenal development that has led to winning seasons and competing for Big Ten championships.

Ferentz and the Iowa football program know that they aren’t going to sign classes filled with four and five star recruits at Iowa for a variety of reasons. They focus on getting the best talent that they realistically can and developing it into the kind of players that go on to make contributions to NFL teams.

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