Kentucky Wildcats: What We Learned In Week 7, What To Look For In Week 8

By Scott Page
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats (1-5, 0-3) apparently have a psychic on the roster in freshman running back Jojo Kemp. He made headlines last week for guaranteeing Kentucky would score on No. 1 Alabama, which hadn’t allowed a touchdown in three games prior to facing the Wildcats.

As it turns out, Kemp may not have been so boneheaded after all. Kentucky did score on the Crimson Tide, albeit a meaningless seven points that came in the third quarter after the Wildcats had fallen behind 31-0. Still, you have to give Kemp, who racked up 34 yards on 11 carries, a lot of credit for the accuracy of his prediction.

Perhaps we should ask him if the worst is now over for the Wildcats.

Kentucky’s fourth-straight loss closed out its most grueling stretch of football in school history, a schedule of ranked teams including No. 7 Louisville, No. 19 Florida and No. 13 South Carolina before facing the nation’s top-ranked team and two-time defending national champions.

No special powers would have been required to predict Kentucky losing each of those contests.

What to look for in Week 8: A nice comfortable recliner and a tall, neat snifter full of some fine Kentucky bourbon (only for coaches and players old enough to drink legally, of course). With the week off after a brutal stretch of beat downs, the Wildcats could use a good flood of endorphins, even if it’s alcohol induced.

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