The Ohio State Buckeyes Look To Knock Off The Iowa Hawkeyes

By josephsmith
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Iowa Hawkeyes need to get back on track after a disappointing loss to the Michigan State SpartansThe Hawkeyes saw their usually effective rushing attach unusually shut down by a dominant Spartan defense.  The Spartans seemed to stop everything that the Hawkeyes ran at them. The Hawkeyes may expect to see much of the same this weekend against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Will the Hawkeyes make the proper adjustments to be prepared to run the ball against the Buckeyes?

Do not expect to see the Hawkeyes prepare much differently. In fact, it will take a very well-trained eye to determine any difference in the Hawkeye rushing attack this weekend, as they will do the same thing they always do.  They will come at the Buckeye defense with their patented zone rushing attack.

The differences will be very minimal details that the coaches may have pointed out to the offensive linemen for the Hawkeyes, on how the Buckeyes play defense. Other than that, the Hawkeyes will be put a man on a man and come at the Buckeyes with everything that they have. The zone read is simple, that is why any alterations will be minimal. Basically, those big lineman for the Hawkeyes will be picking a piece of field, and anything without a black helmet will be hit. The Hawkeyes will be looking to get four or five yards, line up, and do it again. This style of rushing allows the Hawkeyes to double team a defender at the point of attack, because they do not need to account for every man to get their four or five yards. When the extra attacker(s) get to the rusher, if they bring him down after five yards, the Hawkeyes are okay with that.

Can the Hawkeyes get four or five yards?  This is a rebound game in which their rushing attack might be able to get the job done. Yes, they are up against the big, powerful defensive front of the Buckeyes, one that has proven itself against the class of the Big Ten Wisconsin Badgers when it comes to rushing attacks. The Hawkeyes’ scheme is just not that easy to prepare for, because they do it so well. Look for the Hawkeyes’ rushing attack to find success against the Buckeyes.

Unfortunately, it will take more than a successful rushing attack to take down the Ohio State team. The deciding factor for the Hawkeyes will have to be their ability to make some big plays outside of the rushing game. Jake Rudock will need to choose his opportunities wisely and strike when the occasion presents itself. The young quarterback must take care of the football to give the Hawkeyes a chance in this game. The Hawkeye defense will have to do their best to contain the Buckeyes, but they will not shut down Braxton Miller and crew. If the Hawkeyes can make some big plays, take the ball away on defense, and control the clock look, they will surprise fans with how close they keep this game.

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