Miami Hurricanes Dodge Bullet With Sanctions

By Harrison Turkheimer

Reports indicated that the University of Miami football program will receive a decrease in their overall scholarships. The nine scholarships that they will be losing over the next three years is the conclusion to the 2.5-year investigation on booster Nevin Shapiro.

After the university already placed a self-imposed ban on themselves, this release coming down from the NCAA almost seems like a weaker punishment than what Miami did to themselves. All of these sanctions that have been brought onto Miami, as well as other universities such as University of Southern California and Ohio State University, is the NCAA trying to flex their muscles.

When you look at this situation as a whole however, do we still really think the NCAA has that muscle over schools they once had?

Miami could have lost more bowl games along with these scholarships, but the NCAA decided to hit them less hard as the previous schools in their situation. Reports came out suggesting that part of the NCAA doing so is because of how Miami handled this on their own, as well as the criticisms that came about during the investigation that nearly led to them throwing out the case altogether.

With the BCS in the final year of their deal, we all know the college football playoff format that will be instituted. The next question that comes is when the big powerhouse schools officially try and break out of the umbrella that is the NCAA and their governing body. With these sanctions, Miami now have an opportunity to compete for that last BCS bowl as well as a potential ACC championship (pending the outcome this season). Miami is currently no. 7 in the polls with a favorable schedule (minus their November 2 prime time match up vs. Florida State University in Tallahassee).

Al Golden is now given an opportunity to help build this program back to where it once was in the 1990s. With these scholarships simply being a road block to getting back to glory, the worst of this potential storm is over. The university is now able to move on, get back to focusing their efforts on their programs and building what once was a dynasty.

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