Texas Longhorns: Case McCoy Winning Over Teammates and Fans

By Marian Hinton
Matthew Emmons: USA TODAY Sports

There’s no other way to say it; Texas Longhorns senior quarterback Case McCoy isn’t the most physically gifted quarterback you’ll ever see. In fact, he’s probably one of the least physically gifted quarterbacks in the Big 12 conference. I’m sure he’s heard all the knocks against him:

“He has a noodle arm,” “He’s not a great runner,” and “He’d never have a scholarship if it wasn’t for his older brother.”

But he doesn’t care. What he lacks physically, he more than makes up for with his attitude, and that attitude is contagious. He’s already won over his teammates, and now he’s winning over the fans.

The kid has moxie. Plain and simple. He has charisma. He has confidence. He has a chip on his shoulder and a desire to prove everyone who doubts him wrong.

When he was four-years-old, Case was diagnosed with a skin and muscular disease known as scleroderma, which destroyed muscle tissue along the left side of his face. Regardless, he never let it get him down, despite his doctor’s telling him it would be impossible for him to achieve his dreams. Throughout his life, he has used this doubt as motivation, telling Orangebloods.com:

 That’s kind of been my motive my whole life. You can tell me I can’t do something, but I will do it, and I will prove you wrong. That’s part of who I am now, and that started at a young age from the trials I was put through as a kid.

During the offseason, McCoy missed summer workouts to attend a ten-week mission trip in Peru. Many thought his career with the Longhorns was over. Nevertheless, when David Ash went down early in the season with a concussion, McCoy sprang from an afterthought to the starting lineup, and he’s been playing with that same chip on his shoulder, defying anyone to doubt him.

Last weekend, most fans believed that the Oklahoma Sooners would put another epic beat-down on the Longhorns, and if truth be told, the reason for this belief was because McCoy was slated to make the start for Texas. Nevertheless, McCoy did everything he could, including leading the team out onto the field with a contagious passion that the Longhorns haven’t had in this rivarly game for the last few seasons. He didn’t have spectacular numbers, but he lit a fire under his team and did just enough to lead the Longhorns to an improbable and impressive route of their arch rivals.

Earlier this week when asked why the TCU Horned Frogs are two-point favorites over the Longhorns this Saturday, Case replied, “Probably because I’m the quarterback, right?” Though he said it with a smile on his face, I can assure you that is exactly what is driving him to be the best he can.

And, looking back two seasons, who can forget Case McCoy’s now-legendary late game run to set up the game-winning field goal  over the Texas A&M Aggies in front of their home crowd, bidding them farewell with “eternal scoreboard” for the Longhorns?

Sure, McCoy may not be able to physically carry the team on his back and win games single-handedly, but he somehow, some way, against all odds, has found ways to win when it didn’t seem possible.

Again, don’t misunderstand me. McCoy isn’t a great quarterback. We all know his physical limitations. Nevertheless, he has the attitude and confidence of a winner, he’s a born leader, and he knows how to make those around him better; that’s something that sometimes even the most physically gifted quarterbacks lack.


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