Nick Saban Right To Call Out Alabama Fans That Leave Games Early

By Andrew Fisher
Nick Saban
USA Today Sports

Nick Saban is not the most popular college football coach in America. He’s actually one of the most disliked coaches outside of Alabama. But that could change in the eyes of some Crimson Tide supporters, as the head coach has decided to call out part of the fan base.

Saban had this to say on fans that choose to leave games early:

“Everybody that chooses to go to the game should stay and support their team, everyone that chooses not to shouldn’t go.”

His comments are thought to be aimed mainly at the student fan base, which has a reputation of leaving their section empty at the end of games.

I couldn’t agree more with the National Championship-winning head coach. If you’re going to go to a game, you need to stay for the whole thing. Alabama is unique because the team is usually winning by such a large margin that fans get bored. Leaving when you’re team stinks is a little different, but it’s still not something I agree with.

I believe that fans should ride all the highs and lows that come with rooting for a team. Things don’t always go well, that’s just the way it is. ‘Fair weather’ fans are simply the worst and they give real sports fans a bad name.

A vast majority of the fans that leave early have nothing important to do. In the end, many of them just rush back to their normal boring lives. Saban is right, watch the full game or don’t even bother.


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