Why Would University of Alabama Fans Ever Leave Early?

By Harrison Turkheimer
Big Al
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In light of reports that coach Nick Saban was calling out fans of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide for leaving games early, I felt as if I needed to simply voice my opinion.

Being a college football fan is a glorious thing, especially when you go to a big University; many have the luxury (I went to West Virginia University). The whole ambiance of college football season is great, from tailgating to the vibe when you walk into the stadium, to the band performing just prior to kickoff. It’s something the NFL can never duplicate (and should never for that matter). At WVU, there are traditions, the tradition of “OOOOHHHHH…. W-V-U FIRST DOWN,” and of course yelling “Country Roads” at the event of a home victory with your arm around your best friend. These are things that you hold onto forever, which is why, once again, I needed to speak up on this report.

Students at the University of Alabama have left games early. EARLY?! You left an Alabama game early?! Listen, I am a Mountaineer above all, but I’ve been to an game at Bryant Denny Stadium and it is electric! It’s a feeling even Milan Puskar Stadium can’t produce. I had the luxury of visiting my little sister for a game, and let me tell you, the fans there are more hardcore than some NFL teams; the environment is just so incredible. As a visitor, I was so incredibly jealous that these fans and these students would be able to experience that environment just about every fall Saturday. On top of that, they’ve won three national titles in four years!

Don’t get me wrong, there were games in college I would leave early, when WVU was beating up on some I-AA school 35-0 at half. This was when we were still part of the former Big East Conference, and even when conference play came, we would stay until that clock hit 0:00. Now, let’s compare, if we can. WVU had a great run during my tenure in college: four bowl victories in four years, including two shocking upsets in two BCS bowls (Sugar in 2006 and Fiesta in 2008). Alabama, on the other hand, has won national titles, not just BCS bowls the Crystal Trophy three times in four years, and the inside track to chalk up another this year. I would kill to have just one (we were so close once).

So, my rant here is this, Alabama Fans, Alabama students, why would you leave? You’re in one of the biggest, loudest and best stadiums in the nation. You have a team that could challenge even some NFL teams on the field, and you’re marching towards a potential BCS National Title game again.

Your beer isn’t going anywhere, and neither are your friends (they are there with you). The parties will still be there after the game, I promise. Take it from me, after you’re done and you leave Tuscaloosa nothing will ever compare to those Saturdays. The same way I can’t fill the void of Morgantown on a Saturday, after your last home game is done, you won’t feel the same. So please, enjoy your team. Enjoy your College Football Saturdays while you still have them, because they don’t last forever.

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