Nick Saban: College Football’s Host of Extreme Makeover

By Terry Waldrop
Nick Saban Alabama Crimson Tide
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When there are hurricanes and earthquakes many times there are warning signs beforehand such as rock slides, tornadoes, rain, etc. In the college football and basketball coaching world many times there are those same signs  if you know where to look. I pointed out several weeks ago well prior to the first Nick Saban to Texas stories that this is indeed not only a possibility but in my estimation something that is very likely to happen at the conclusion of the season. I was not wrong.

While Nick Saban quickly dispatched, dismissed and dispelled the rumors to a standing room only press conference in Tuscaloosa a relieved bunch of Tide supporting reporters smiled with a relaxed pride.  Perhaps hidden behind the “I am too old to start over” and the “Terry and I are very happy in Tuscaloosa” remarks there is something lurking just beyond sight.  Storms clouds are on the horizon at Alabama and could very well be burnt orange in color.

Terry Saban was reported this week to be house shopping in the Austin area two weeks ago.   This information was originally brought to light by Jesus Shuttlesworth who writes a popular blog for Inside Texas.  The validity was also later confirmed by ESPN Radio.  Mrs. Saban was shopping for vacation homes with a realtor with alleged ties to the University of Texas Athletic program. Probably coincidence, right?

Do you really think Saban thought he could send his wife to Austin and no one would find out?   Hardly, as he knew the story would get out.  My spidey senses tell me he wanted the story to get out.   Couple that with his displeasure with the student body leaving early yet again last week in the Tide’s demolition of Arkansas and you are starting to see signs of what is becoming more likely to occur at season’s end.

By themselves these are isolated incidents, however, unless Nick and Terry have suddenly developed a love for the Texas Hill Country it is highly suspect she is just checking out vacation digs.  Saban has always seemed to be a builder or rebuilder of once storied programs gone awry.  If he wins his third consecutive title at Alabama this season what other accomplishments can he achieve in Tuscaloosa?   Could he win four or five or 10 titles or has Saban optimized the Alabama machine to the maximum?

LSU was a dumpster fire when he arrived and he turned the Tigers into National Champions.  Departing for a tumultuous tenure with the Miami Dolphins he jettisoned the NFL for a once proud Alabama program mired in mediocrity.  We all know what has transpired since his arrival in T Town.

Looking at Saban’s career there seems to be a common trend of taking once glamorous projects in need of massive overhaul.  He is the NCAA version of “Extreme Makeover- College Football Edition”.  They say a Tiger never changes his stripes, and when the sun goes down after the New Year look for the Longhorns to have a new Sheriff in Austin and it very well could be Saban.   Have Rings, Will Travel.

Terry Waldrop was a long time college basketball coach and AD.  He also is a writer for and sports radio host on  Follow him on Twitter @terrywaldrop, “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on Google for amazing and disturbing insights.

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