With Insurance Policy in Place, What's Holding Jadeveon Clowney Back?

By Andrew Fisher
Jadeveon Clowney
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

As many of us suspected, Jadeveon Clowney does indeed have an insurance policy on his career. Reports have come out recently that state the defensive end took out a $5 million policy on himself before his senior season began. The policy is said to have cost $50,000 and was paid for by an NCAA program. If and when Clowney makes it to the NFL, he will then have to repay the bank that paid the insurance company.

So if Clowney has had an insurance policy in place all along this season, what’s been holding him back?

The catch to the insurance policy is that it only pays out if Clowney suffers a career-ending injury. It’s not a full coverage policy by any means. So if he tears his ACL or suffers an injury that he can recover from, he’s not going to get the $5 million. Perhaps this is why we’ve seen a tentative Clowney thus far in 2013?

You really hate to make assumptions about a player and his health, but when the Ol’ Ball Coach calls out his best player, something is up. The numbers back up anyone like myself that thinks Clowney is packing it in this season. So far, he’s only accumulated two sacks and he hasn’t recorded one in four weeks. The senior version of the DE is just not the same as the one who took the college football world by storm in 2012.

But regardless of how this season plays out, there’s no doubt in my mind that Clowney will still be a top-five pick in next year’s NFL draft.


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