How Is Nebraska Going To Take It To The Next Level?

By josephsmith
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

What a season it has been for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Only one half of play separates them from their current state and a perfect season. That said, the season is far from over for coach Bo Pelini and his young staff. This is a team with many standouts who are ready to explode as Big Ten play continues to progress.

How about coach Tim Beck? No, Beck is not a player, but this coach is responsible for the Huskers’ offense and he has amassed a great deal of talent on that side of the ball. Coach Beck operates with near freedom on the offensive side of the ball as head coach Pelini is most well known for his prowess as a defensive mind.

Coach Barney Cotton may be the assistant head coach, but Beck is a hot commodity as a potential college football head coach. Does Beck need to step it up to ensure success for the Huskers this season? One could argue that Beck has already done so by coaching not one, but two backup quarterbacks who have filled in for the injured Taylor Martinez with great success.

Freshman Tommy Armstrong and Senior Ron Kellogg have done well, and part of that credit is due to the play-calling of Beck and undoubtedly the impact of former quarterback, assistant coach Joe Ganz.

Perhaps it is time for the Blackshirt defense to have a dominant defensive performance similar to that of fellow Big Ten Legends division team, the Michigan State Spartans. Coach Pelini and defensive coordinator John Papuchis have seen some success this season, and their defense is beginning to come around.

One thing that the Huskers love to do is match up man-to-man on defense and with players like Ciante Evans and Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the secondary, the Huskers can do so very well and also benefit from the always-coveted takeaways. The Huskers defense is very young this season, but they are beginning to come around and have realized that they do have a pass rush that has been missing in recent history.

How about the rushing attack — does coach Ron Brown need to push the Husker i-backs even harder? After recent performances, a quick glance yield an immediate ‘no’. Perhaps the Huskers’ rushing attack does need to continue to improve, but how do you improve upon the success that they have already experienced?

The Huskers need to continue to develop freshman running back Terrence Newby. Also, Huskers fans will love to read that their team need to develop that symbiotic relationship between quarterback and i-back. With the return of Martinez, it is time for the Huskers to step it up in this aspect of the game.

Expect to see the Huskers continue to slowly amp up their offensive attack and perhaps even their defensive attack. The Huskers will continue to try desperately to harass the quarterbacks of the Big Ten both with their pass rush but even more emphatically with their ability to intercept the football.

Also with the return of Martinez, fans can expect to see the likes of Martinez and Ameer Ahbdullah operating the option attack, hopefully with the same successful results of past Huskers greats.

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