Jameis Winston's Hot Streak Continues As Florida State Cruises Past NC State

By Ryan Wenzell
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston continued his streak of outstanding play in a Florida State Seminole shellacking of the NC State Wolfpack. Winston made it look pretty much effortless as the game was out of hand by the end of the first quarter.

Winston was right around the 300-yard mark with three touchdowns, and keep in mind, he was pulled in the early third quarter. Winston is just shredding college defenses at this point. It doesn’t even look fair out there. His combination of physical skills are a rare breed in college quarterbacks that come along once every decade or so.

No doubt about it, Winston will be the No. 1 pick when he is eligible to come out in a few years. Draft scouts will talk about him the same way they did Andrew Luck out of college as a can’t-miss prospect that almost every team at or near the top of the draft will covet.

Winston is firmly cementing his status as the Heisman favorite for 2013. He has passed Marcus Mariota in my eyes with his mezmorizing performances against ranked opponents, as well as his taking care of business against inferior teams.

Of course, so early in the season, this could all change. I just don’t think it will. Winston could do something unprecedented. As a redshirt freshman, he could win the Heisman Trophy and the BCS National Championship. Something never done by a freshman.

Winston is certainly making his mark on college football early in his career. He could go down as the best freshman in the history of college football. He is also going to make a heck of a pro when the time comes. For now, we continue to witness his greatness on Saturdays. Pretty soon, it will be on Sundays.

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