BCS Standings Week 10: Stanford Cardinal Could Still Make BCS Title Game

By Trevor Lowry

The Stanford Cardinal have one loss on the season and their hopes for making the BCS title game may seem slim, but there is still a chance. Standford is currently ranked No. 5 in the BCS standings.

Losing to Utah was a huge blow, but Stanford has beaten two ranked teams in back-to-back games ever since that loss. It will have a chance at a third straight victory against a ranked opponent on Nov. 7. The only problem is the fact that it will be against the Oregon Ducks, who are by far the Cardinal’s toughest opponent of the season.

Oregon is ranked No. 2 in the BCS standings and has been blowing out opponents on a weekly basis.

Other teams would have to lose for Stanford to have a shot at the title game and who knows if that will be the case. Ohio State and Florida State could very easily run the tables, which would ruin this team’s shot at the national championship game.

Stanford has beaten four ranked teams on the year (at the time) and one of those teams was ranked in the top 10–UCLA was ranked No. 9.

The Cardinal may have one loss on the season, but they very well could be the best one-loss team in the nation and the BCS standings would likely agree. They have to beat Oregon, though, or none of that matters. A loss would end their chances of making the title game.

Beating the Ducks is going to be hard enough. Stanford will also need a bunch of help from other teams since it is ranked No. 5 in the standings and since there are many teams that are still undefeated in college football.

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