How The Final Year of The BCS Can End Quite Badly

By Harrison Turkheimer
Nick Saban BCS Title
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Another week in college football, and another stir of the pot.

Let’s be honest, did anyone really think that University of Missouri was going to crash the party? The latest segment to the gauntlet that is college football has produced quite a few shockers and duds this season. With November approaching, let me try and paint a picture for you.

The remaining teams which are undefeated are: University of Alabama, University of Oregon, Florida State University, Ohio State University, Miami (FL) University, Baylor University, Fresno State University and Northern Illinois University. Right off the bat, we all know not all of them can finish with a perfect regular season.

Miami and FSU play this weekend, and unless a tie goes down, someone will leave Tallahassee with a loss. Other that those two ACC rivals, the rest of said teams do not face each other down the stretch. Now, inevitably someone will slip up. Its’ just a matter of how, whether you’re talking about a missed field goal as time expires or the typical trap game.

That being said, let me pose this question, when was the last time the true power conferences had an undefeated team this late in the season? Hence the parody that can be college football.

The power conferences also have their title games, which unfortunately can count against if any of the respected teams go down. If I would dissect the schedules a bit, who really poses the biggest threat to take down an undefeated team? I am a Bama supporter, therefore I still believe they will run the table in the SEC and be awaiting a team in Pasadena come January 2014.

Can the Ducks rest up this week? They need it in order to beat Stanford University on the road on a Thursday night. It’s almost safe to say that they would then have that inside track to Pasadena as well.

I’m not buying Oregon running the table. For the record, I will take Stanford at home late in that one. A team like Ohio State has a chip on their shoulder from last year, but in a weak Big Ten conference, can they really pose a threat? Can University of Michigan stump their rival at home and ruin their title hopes? I’m buying.

I’m also buying the Noles and their freshman sensation Jameis Winston. I said on my show a few weeks ago I am taking Bama and FSU, and I am sticking to it.

I also believe Baylor will slip at Texas Christian University, while Fresno State and NIU will respectfully run the tables in their conference. No one will argue them belonging in the BCS Title picture; instead, they will subsequently make it to BCS bowls and each gets blown out.

What if they all run the table, and Oregon wins or Baylor doesn’t slip up? What does the BCS do? They will have herds of fans from all these respected teams coming for their heads. There’s only one game and two teams to dance for the crystal trophy. Well, I guess time will have to tell us the ending to that fairy tale/nightmare.

Thank god we get a playoff next year.

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