Ohio State Buckeyes' Fans Need to Appreciate Team's Success, Not Worry About BCS

By Derek Helling

The Ohio State Buckeyes may very well miss out on playing in the final BCS Championship game and have to “settle” for a Rose Bowl appearance even if they do run the table, creating disappointment for some Buckeyes fans.

What those fans are missing out on is the fact that there are dozens of football programs all over the nation that would trade places with Ohio State in a heartbeat. To view playing in the Rose Bowl as a consolation prize is a very enviable position.

The last time the Buckeyes lost a game was January 2, 2012. Despite numerous sanctions, Ohio State is on a 20-game winning streak and should be favored to win all the rest of the games on their 2013 schedule. The Buckeyes have outscored those last 20 opponents by an average of nearly 20 points.

With any combination of wins and Wisconsin losses adding up to three, Ohio State will wrap up the 2013 Big Ten Leaders division title and play for a conference championship. Barring unforeseen circumstances like a sudden rash of injuries, the Buckeyes will be favored in that game no matter which team from the Legends division they play.

The results of this BCS craze were evident again this past Saturday. After handing Penn State a 63-14 shellacking, the headlines and chatter about the win weren’t as much about how the Buckeyes had won by seven touchdowns, how they extended the streak, and how they took another step closer to a division title.

No, the conversation on social media was about how the win wasn’t going to make any difference in Ohio State’s BCS standing, and the fact that the Buckeyes had just put on yet another amazing display was totally dismissed as mostly worthless.

The coaches and players that poured hours of preparation and exerted their bodies in order to gain such a lopsided victory couldn’t disagree anymore. It’s time to appreciate how difficult winning 20 NCAA games in a row by an average of 20 points is. It’s time to give the consistency of excellence that the Buckeyes have displayed its due.

Whether Ohio State reaches the BCS Championship game or not, what they’ve already accomplished is nothing short of remarkable. It’s time the fans stop worrying so much about a trophy, take a step back and smell the roses.

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