How Is University of Miami Receiving No Respect Prior To Saturday Night's Game?

By Harrison Turkheimer














I am still trying to wrap my head around how the University of Miami (who is No. 7 in the polls) is a 22.5 point underdog at Florida State University this upcoming Saturday night. Both teams are undefeated (both overall and in conference), and this is a rivalry game. Take it from me to never overlook a rivalry game (insert flash back to 100th Backyard Brawl) OY!

Granted, “The U” hasn’t really done a lot. Their biggest win was vs. a stumbling University of Florida team at home in the second week of the season. Other than that, they really don’t have a lot to show for their victories. Nonetheless, they’re still undefeated, and that counts for something. Their defense is 11th in the nation in points against, and Stephen Morris is playing smart football.

On the other side of the coin you have No. 3 Florida State. The team that just keeps on pushing. Maybe it was their waxing of the University of Maryland 63-0 or the 51-17 romp vs. Clemson University, but people are watching. Coach Jimbo Fisher has put together a team that can challenge the juggernaut that is the SEC. All the while, Jameis Winston is about to prove that a freshman Heisman Trophy winner was not a one-time thing.

Getting back to my original point, the bottom line here is how Miami can get so little respect. When you’re still at the beginning of November undefeated, shouldn’t that count for something? Or does Las Vegas know something that we all don’t. Anyone can give a prediction on this game, I’m simply questioning the line of reasoning. With so much at stake with such a build up to this game, the 22.5 points can only add fuel to the fire to both the Noles and Canes.

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