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What Could Be Next For Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini?

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What could be next for Coach Bo Pelini?

What could be next for Coach Bo Pelini
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Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini has seen his ups and downs in his two stints in Lincoln.

Currently, Pelini is suffering what is undoubtedly his most arduous season as a head coach. His Huskers suffered a home loss to the UCLA Bruins early in the season. The loss was to a very capable opponent that had a very productive season to that point, but it was overshadowed by the criticism Pelini received from reporters, fans, and even former players like Nebraska’s two-time national champion quarterback Tommie Frazier.

If this criticism was not enough, released an audio recording of Pelini taken years ago in which he berated Huskers media and fans. Just when fans seemed to have forgiven and rallied behind their program and their coach, the Huskers lost on the road to a Minnesota team that saw the Huskers out-coached by a Golden Gophers squad that was functioning without head coach Jerry Kill.

This loss was particularly disappointing as it was the annual road trip for the Huskers' marquee boosters. It was a game where the program reserves a box at a visitor’s stadium and invites top contributors to attend what is expected to be a road victory in hopes to generate donations for the program.

It seems as if the Huskers are being ruled my Murphy's Law this season. With that in mind, the certainty of the head coach position will undoubtedly be in question. So, what may be in store for the Bo Pelini in 2014?

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6. Nebraska Cornhuskers Coach

He will be the coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers
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The Huskers may not be so quick to dismiss their maligned coach after this season. Pelini has still been an effective head coach for the majority of his time at Nebraska. The Huskers are unlikely to let him go unless they feel they have an opportunity at another head coach they may never have again.

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5. Another NCAA School

Another NCAA School
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It is unlikely that Pelini would accept a position at another University. He will most likely not be a candidate at USC or Texas. Outside of these two programs, there are really only three universities that Pelini may be interested in coaching for. All three would have to have their coach move on for Pelini to step in. He has close ties with the Stoops at Oklahoma and would likely be well received if Bob Stoops were to take one of the two premier openings at Texas or Oklahoma. The other two schools are LSU and Ohio State. whom both have national championship coaches. It is unlikely that either of these coaches will be abandoning their current posts.

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4. Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator
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Here is a team that is struggling on defense after bringing in a former Nebraska coach from way back, Monte Kiffin. Kiffin is near retirement and after his defense's performance this season, it is unlikely that owner Jerry Jones will retain him as defensive coordinator. Jones will be looking to grab headlines, and Pelini has the ability to do that. This move would place both of Nebraska’s two previous coaches on the same staff. Bill Callahan is currently calling the offensive plays and coaching the offensive linemen.

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3. Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Coordinator

Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Coordinator
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Here is arguably the worst team in the NFL this season. Their current head coach is a former defensive coordinator under Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll and Pelini have ties from their days in San Francisco, and later when Carroll was the head coach of the New England Patriots. Jaguar coach Gus Bradley often received good referrals from Carroll in regards to Pelini.

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2. Washington Redskins Defensive Coordinator

Washington Redskins Defensive Coordinator
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Here is another team in need of help on the defensive side of the ball. Pelini could bring some fire to a fan base that would love to see an intense defensive coach. Also, Pelini and Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan worked together in San Francisco. The Redskins are the home of former Huskers running back Roy Helu.

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1. Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator

Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator
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How about the highly intense former Huskers/current Lions defensive tackle Ndomukong Suh teaming up with Pelini’s intensity to lead the Detroit Lions defense? The Lions have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball but in an odd twist of fate, it has been their defense that has held them back this season. The Lions need a coach who can shore up their secondary and lead the defense. This could be the perfect fit for the Lions and for Pelini.