Blowout Win Won't Help Ohio State Buckeyes in BCS Rankings

By Tyler Brett
urban meyer
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The Ohio State Buckeyes was just one of five teams in the BCS top 10 in action on Saturday and they sent a clear and decisive message with their 56-0 win over the Purdue Boilermakers. That message: Ohio State is in a whole different class from the rest of the Big Ten. Urban Meyer has yet to lose a game since becoming the head coach in Columbus but he can’t seem to make any headway in his quest to get into the BCS National Championship game, stuck at No. 4 by a wide margin and they shouldn’t expect to make up any ground this week.

Their dismantling of the overmatched Boilermakers was impressive to watch, to be sure, and the Buckeyes are undoubtedly one of the best teams in college football this season. Unfortunately for them, there are several other teams putting together very compelling cases for the top team in college football as well and their resumes are much more impressive than Ohio State. The Alabama Crimson Tide, Oregon Ducks and Florida State Seminoles (all leading Ohio State in the BCS standings) have taken on impressive teams and handled their business as top teams should.

A win over a 1-win Purdue team, even by eight touchdowns in a shutout, just isn’t that impressive. There’s no denying that the Buckeyes are good. So are the Tide, Ducks and Noles as well. At this point, it’s about degrees of excellence. Other teams have proven themselves with impressive wins while Ohio State has been saddled with a weak non-conference schedule and a Big Ten slate that has impressed nobody this season, especially not the voters and computers that matter.

So while Meyer continues to build a juggernaut in Columbus, there may be nothing he can do to get his team into the national title conversation. Without some of the other perfect records around the country getting broken by season’s end, the Buckeyes will be helpless to make up ground in the BCS standings. Is Ohio State doomed to back-to-back perfect seasons with zero national titles to show for it?

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