Freshman Maty Mauk Gets Start for Missouri Tigers Against Tennessee Volunteers

By Dave Daniels
Missouri Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel watches his team from the sidelines against the South Carolina Gamecocks.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman Maty Mauk is getting tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire, so we will see, but his head coach has some faith.

“If you’re a player here, why would you not be encouraged?” coach Gary Pinkel asked. “You should be the most fired-up football player in America with the opportunity and options that we have in front of us. But we’ve got to take care of our business. Every game is like a new chapter in a book,” he said. “It has different story lines, the way the game goes, the flavor of the game. What you did last week has no bearing on the outcome of this week.”

It is going to be a hard fought game and here is hoping the Tigers have better quarterback health in their future because they just might be playing for an SEC title this fall.

The SEC has been topsy turvy, but the Tigers are still standing and still strong. In the words of Antwan Fischer anyway.

Mauk is going to have a rough time of it and as of this writing he was zero out of four for passing. Ouch. Looks like it might be a rough day for the Tigers, but if Mauk can settle down then maybe he can lead a fourth quarter drive as redemption. Thanks for reading you all and for any basketball fans be sure to keep an eye out for my coverage of the Champion’s Class in November. It should be a blast.

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