Michigan State Deserves No Love in Week 11 BCS Standings After Win Over Michigan

By RanterX

The Michigan Wolverines are one of the most overrated teams in college football, so the Michigan State Spartans’ 29-6 win over “big brother” in Week 10 isn’t nearly as impressive as the box score looks. Everybody is talking about how State ran all over Michigan’s fifth-ranked run defense, but the Wolverines’ stats are skewed because they haven’t played anybody! And that’s why the Spartans won’t — and shouldn’t — get any love in the Week 11 BCS standings.

Look, Michigan State’s 8-1 record looks impressive, but the only ranked team the Spartans have beaten this year is Michigan; the only other ranked team they played was Notre Dame and they lost that game. Put simply, that ain’t good, because the Irish are also one of the most overrated teams in the country.

So basically, the Spartans have played nobody this year and have a loss to one of those nobody teams. Heck, the Wolverines shouldn’t even be ranked because they haven’t beaten anyone either and they lost to Penn State! C’mon, man!

Now the Spartans will have a chance to prove me wrong if they beat all the rest of the teams on their cupcake schedule and face Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship Game. If Michigan State wins that game, “little brother” will deserve some respect, but still not nearly enough to be considered for the BCS National Championship Game — and not just because the Spartans would still be a one-loss team at that point because the Buckeyes are also overrated, just not to the degree of teams like Notre Dame and Michigan.

Props to Michigan State for playing this well this season, especially after the quarterback controversy at the beginning of the season. But the Spartans are a No. 22 team at best, so for anyone to get upset after they get no love in the Week 11 BCS standings would be absurd.

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